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Architectural Glass | Vitro®

  • Use

    Interior/Exterior architectural glass
  • Applications

    Windows, curtain walls, partitions, security glass, decoration
  • Characteristics

    Solar control, ultra clear or colored glass, sustainable, low-e glass coating options, glare reduction, thermal efficiency
  • Certification

    Cradle to Cradle, Material Health Certificate, may be used as credentialing for LEED®

More about this product

Vitro offers five categories of architectural glass with a wide range of choices within each offering properties useful for a huge variety of interior and exterior architectural glass applications.

Low-E Glass

  • Solarban
    A spectrally selective glass option which reduces long (ultraviolet) and short wave (infrared) radiation. It allows visible light to be transmitted through the glass. Vitro lets you specify larger spans of Solarban glass to maximize natural daylighting without sacrificing thermal efficiency.
  • Sungate® Passive Low-E Glass
    This glass transmits the warming rays of the sun to give a balance of energy efficiency and interior comfort for heating-dominated climates. It improves thermal performance and reduces solar heat gain. Since the coatings are neutral, it is an ideal solution for energy-efficient commercial structures where the original appearance of the glass is desired.

Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Low-Iron Glass

  • Heavy Glass
    Clear, thick glass for entrances and storefronts, and safety and security glass applications.
  • Exteriors
    Brilliant clarity and true-to-life views of the outdoors unmatched by conventional glass.
  • Interiors
    Bring more light into interior spaces with high levels of brightness, color fidelity, and clarity.

Acuity™ Low-Iron Glass

  • Acuity™ Glass
    An affordable low-iron solution. Available with Vitro Solarban® solar control low-emissivity (low-e) coatings, Acuity™ Glass offers vivid views with no green cast.

Blue & Green Performance-Tinted Glass

  • PACIFICA® Glass
    Rich blue glass that can be combined with reflective Solarcool™ or subtly reflective, color-enriched Vistacool™ coatings.
  • ATLANTICA® Glass
    Combines desirable visible light transmittance and solar control with a pleasant emerald-green aesthetic.
  • AZURIA® Glass
    An aqua-blue glass with a distinctive aesthetic that blends brilliantly with the surrounding environment.
  • SOLARBLUE® Glass
    A sparkling, light sky-blue appearance that balances high visible light transmittance and solar heat gain.
  • SOLEXIA® Glass
    A soothing, light-green glass that is an industry standard for spectrally selective performance.
  • OPTIBLUE® Glass
    A light-bodied, cool, neutral appearance that enhances the aesthetics of all Solarban® glasses.

Gray & Bronze Tinted Glasses

  • Solargray® Glass
    A commercial window tint without film, Solargray® glass has a cool, light-gray appearance and ability to control solar heat gain and glare. In a 1-inch insulating glass unit (IGU), Solargray® glass provides visual light transmittance (VLT) of 40 percent.
  • Graylite® II Glass
    Privacy glass with an almost-black look, it is the solution for applications requiring reduced solar heat gain and a specific aesthetic objective. Graylite® II glass combines superior heat-load reduction and solar control with a distinctive color contrast. Its shading coefficient is among the lowest of any uncoated glass: 0.35 for a 1-inch IGU. Daylight transmittance is 8 percent, making it ideal for glare control and privacy glazing.
  • Solarbronze® Glass
    A high-performance bronze glass, Solarbronze® is a popular choice for commercial structures. It has a warm bronze tint that adds subtle richness to the exterior and a warm glow to interior décor. In a 1-inch IGU, Solarbronze® glass provides a visual light transmittance (VLT) of 47 percent.

Reflective Glass

  • Vistacool® Subtly Reflective, Color-Enriched Glasses
    Subtly reflective color-enriched glasses engineered to deliver high levels of light transmittance without the mirror effect of traditional reflective glass.
  • Solarcool® Reflective Glasses
    An expansive palette of appearance and performance options with high exterior visible reflectivity and a metallic sheen.

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