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Rubber Flooring - Kayar | Artigo

  • Use

    Rubber flooring
  • Applications

    Corporate, commercial, healthcare, educational, cultural
  • Characteristics

    Wear-resistant, anti-slip, easy maintenance
  • Format

    Rolls or tiles
  • Sizes

    Rolls: 1, 90 x 10 m or Tiles: 61 x 61 cm | 3 mm thick
  • Certification

    A+ under French regulations, Blue Angel and GREENGUARD Gold, GECA Good Environmental Choice Australia, M1 (emission classification of building materials), EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), contributes to LEED credits and BREEAM certification

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More about this product

Kayar rubber flooring started out as a challenge for Artigo. They asked how they could “move” a rubber surface and what could they add to the rubber layer to make it unique, different, original and fun? The answer came from design-legend Ettore Sottsass Jr, who created Kayar by adding natural coconut fibers to the rubber mix.

Kayar means “coconut rope” in Tamil; Artigo's Kayar is a synthetic rubber floor with a smooth surface and randomly distributed natural coconut fibers. The surface is smooth, compact, wear-resistant and non-slippery.

The 3mm thick rubber floor is made up of a covering layer of high wear resistance, natural fibers, and a rubber underlayer, calendered and vulcanized together to guarantee perfect monolithicity. It is treated with a PRO surface treatment to improve surface performance and cleanability.

Artigo rubber floorings offer tested and valid solutions for all the different requirements in office design: effective noise reduction, good internal air quality - low emissions (According to German Blue Angel and US Greenguard certifications, rubber floorings emit very few pollutants to the indoor air and, thus, do not affect the health of the inhabitants), fast and economical professional cleaning procedures, Loose Lay floorings installed on top of raised access floors to facilitate cable connections and other technical requirements.


  • Slightly sanded back to improve adhesive bonding
  • “Non-toxic" decomposition effluents certified according to DIN 53436
  • Also available in a Loose-Lay version


  • Free of carcinogenic nitrosamines, pentachlorophenol pcp, pvc and any halogens (chlorine, fluorine, bromine, and iodine), cadmium, formaldehyde, asbestos
  • Free of phthalates and plasticizers
  • Complies with the German AgBB regulation on the emission of volatile organic compounds VOC
  • Classified according to the European waste catalog (CER) as non-hazardous special waste, and therefore similar to ordinary urban waste according to DCI 27/7/84
  • Type 3 Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certified by a recognized third party
  • Artigo products also significantly contribute to LEED credits, BREEAM certification, as well as compliance with many other criteria set by schemes achieving the international environmental sustainability of buildings.



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