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PolyTurf Pad and Pour Sports Floor | Tarkett Sports

  • Use

    Interior sports floor
  • Applications

    Multi-use gymnasiums: elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities, community centers; Other applications: fieldhouses, military training facilities, recreational facilities, multi-use areas, inline skating
  • Characteristics

    Seamless, durable, fast installation, stain resistant, shock absorbing, customizable, recycled material, quick cure rate
  • Colors

    14 colors (Natural wood, stained wood and solid color options)
  • Sizes

    Class 1: 4mm + 2mm; Class 2: 7mm + 2mm, 9mm + 2mm; Class 3: 12mm + 2mm
  • Certification

    ISO 14001 Manufacturing, GREENGUARD Gold Certification, LEED
  • Guarantee

    30-year warranty

More about this product

PolyTurf Plus is a seamless sports flooring option, manufactured by Tarkett Sports' Beynon Sports Surfaces. PolyTurf Plus Pad and Pour is designed to withstand heavy bleachers, tables, and chairs with maximum durability. It also provides a high-quality playing surface for schools, training facilities, community centers, and fitness centers.



  1. Water-Based Aliphatic Coating
    This spray or roller-applied coating provides optimal game performance and stain resistance.
  2. Chemically Bonded Game Lines
    Meticulously applied polyurethane marking paint creates precise and permanent game lines.
  3. Formulated Elastomeric Resin
    This resin layer provides exceptional ball rebound and extra durability.
  4. Two-Component Seal Layer
    This coating layer seals shock pad pores for a smooth and seamless gym floor.
  5. Recycled Rubber Shock Pad
    Made of 100% recycled rubber, this shock pad base layer provides cushioning and shock absorption. It is available in 4 mm, 7 mm, 9 mm and 10 mm thicknesses.


  • Seamless Surface: PolyTurf Plus Pad & Pour offers seamless gym flooring that is not only visually simplistic but also imparts the practical cleaning benefits of having no seams.
  • Extreme Toughness: PolyTurf Plus & Pour is designed to withstand the harshest treatment, whether it be high point loads like folding cafeteria tables and portable stages, rolling loads like portable bleachers, or just heavy traffic and sports activity.
  • Fast Installation Time: With an exceptionally quick curing rate, PolyTurf Plus Pad & Pour can be installed and ready to use in a relatively short time frame.
  • Permanent Performance: Renewable wear layer can be recoated at any time, indefinitely.
  • Superior Load Tolerances: PolyTurf Plus Pad & Pour performs under the everyday use of tables, chairs and bleachers.
  • ISO 14001 Manufacturing: PolyTurf Plus Pad & Pour is manufactured in America by Tarkett’s Beynon Sports Surfaces, an ISO 14001 certified manufacturer. This ensures a high level of quality and consistency in production.
  • Tarkett Sports Warranty Protection: The quality and performance of PolyTurf Plus Pad & Pour is protected by Tarkett Sports with a comprehensive 30 year warranty.

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