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ShapeShell Cladding in Queens Domain | ShapeShell

  • Use

    Facade cladding
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    3D CNC Manufacturing, lightweight structure, monocoque infused construction method, impact resistant, chemically resistant, inert and non-conductive, fire certification for external cladding
  • Guarantee

    Substrate: 50-year warranty, surface finish: 25-year warranty

More about this product

Across from Albert Park Lake and along the busy Queens Road in Melbourne, Australia, Queens Domain stands wrapped with a unique white balustrade by ShapeShell creating a futuristic look.

Year 2018
Client Kangoala
Architects DKO Architecture
Collaborators Nexus Designs
Location Melbourne AUS
Scale 2,323m2
Dwellings 235


Buildings from different eras showcasing various styles line Queens Road. The project, Queens Domain acknowledges the surrounding architectural precinct whilst still expressing contemporary style and showcasing modern construction techniques.

The building respects the setbacks and contours of Melbourne’s skyline with a softened outline and curved façade elements made using next-generation materials, which combine textures and degrees of transparency.

Benefits of using ShapeShell

Doing without the heavy dead weight of concrete, the use of ShapeShell proved an ideal match that offered advantages for the building as a whole such as:

  • A fast install program
  • Fewer columns to support each floor
  • Low post-tensioned slabs
  • The building foundations were able to support another floor
  • Not using the tower crane to install the panels allowed the builder to finish months early

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