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Lighting - SUPERSYSTEM Integral Collection | Zumtobel

  • Use

    Interior lighting
  • Applications

    Architectural, residential, commercial, cultural, corporate
  • Characteristics

    Low brightness, glare control, integrated system, deep-source reflectors
  • Format

    Built-in stand-alone, surface mounted 3-phase track, 3 pendant 3-phase track with channel cover, built-in 3-phase track in a channel

More about this product

The new Zumtobel SUPERSYSTEM integral collection designed by Austrian studio EOOS is a comprehensive range of miniaturized tools offering a single solution for countless architectural lighting tasks. Each finished system is engineered for the exact needs of a particular job.

An output of up to 3000 lumens makes this range a viable alternative for applications where traditional downlights have generally been the only option. Versions with DALI and basicDIM wireless via Bluetooth ensure added adaptability and tailored light.

Lighting design for indoor architectural lighting can be a tricky business. For example, the varied lighting tasks in a single museum, shop or office. Complex challenges are met in Zumtobel's SUPERSYSTEM integral collection which features the following in one integrated system:

  • Adjustable accent lighting with spots or gimbals
  • Horizontal downlighting
  • Vertical wall-washing
  • Indirect lighting


Luminous flux <3000 lumens
Luminaire efficiency <75 lm/W
Color temperatures 2700 K, 3000 K, 4000 K
Color rendering index Ra 90
Glare control UGR<0 (45° cut off)
Lifetime L90 @ 50,000 hours
Protection class IP20
Finishes White, black, copper, glossy aluminum
Materials Die-cast aluminum; injection-molded polycarbonate and sputtered reflectors
Lighting distributions Rotational spot, spot, flood, wide flood, wall wash and indirect
Emergency option NT3 in standalone units / central battery

Visual Comfort

The solution meets the highest standards demanded by Art and Culture, Retail and Office applications. Across the range features have been adapted for optimal visual comfort:

  • Low brightness with minimal light spill
  • Glare control (UGR<0)
  • Deep-source reflectors

Miniaturized Components

Miniaturizing spotlight heads enables them to be perfectly integrated into a continuous linear structure. The system emits light from a slender groove as a recessed or track fitting. SUPERSYSTEM integral even makes it possible to adapt existing track installations, which improves efficiency and saves resources – and helps this system make an important contribution as a sustainable design solution.


  • Linear 3-phase Channel
    • Recessed, surface mounted or suspended
    • The linear 3-phase channel fully integrates all the different lighting elements into one slender channel, providing invisible illumination.
      SUPERSYSTEM Integral Collection | Zumtobel
  • 3-phase track
    • Surface mounting or suspended
    • Designed to remain visible. Miniaturization and materials like die-cast aluminum and injection-molded plastics blend to create a refined architectural appearance and make it ideal for refurbishment projects.
      SUPERSYSTEM Integral Collection | Zumtobel
  • Individual standalone
    • For installations without a track
    • Standalone versions can be specified to take advantage of the flexibility of this range.

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