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GLAM Kitchen with Sliding Top | Minimal USA


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Minimal USA's GLAM Kitchen benefits and meets all clients’ needs and reaches the highest customization in kitchen design. It has been thought to turn the concept of kitchen into an absolute living experience using high-functional solutions able to contain all indispensable elements to enjoy cooking and gathering around the kitchen area.

An eye-catching alternative to be integrated within GLAM Kitchen is The Sliding Top, designed to give this system an extreme versatility. While the countertop silently slides ahead through a gentle push, it reveals both a singular induction stainless steel cooktop and a sink with a retractable faucet. Open, the top serves as a sophisticated linear table that can be a bar, a serving or a dining space, while closed the kitchen forms a unique block. This captivating versatility gives the kitchen a deeper meaning, turning it into a living space where a real spirit of conviviality arises as a secret when the sliding top is pushed open. GLAM kitchen captures the mood and ambience of a luxury gathering and a multi-functional place.

GLAM Kitchen with Sliding Top, along with all of our products, can be now stronger adding our New Premium Wood Doors.

Technical characteristics:

Water-proof IDROLEB ecological panels for the carcasses for zero-impact energy from renewable sources. Panels are the perfect blend of environmental safety and maximum safeguarding of consumers` health, being made of 100% recycled wood with the lowest levels of formaldehyde emissions in the world.

Lacquered doors have 11 coats of lacquer and have and environmental f4star certification. Wood veneers are all finished with oil or wax to keep the natural feel of the wood and are not chemically treated.

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