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Ceilings - Alluvia | Arktura

  • Use

    Interior ceilings
  • Applications

    Commercial, institutional, healthcare, educational, cultural, corporate
  • Characteristics

    Carbon-neutral production, recyclable, made partially from recycled material, customizable, easy installation
  • Format

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More about this product

Arktura architectural ceilings use are customizable drop ceiling systems based on a grid-layout configuration. Even with a minimal number of modules, Alluvia® can generate huge design impact. The ceilings come in a wide range of colors and finishes.

Materials: Metal, Powder Coated Aluminum, Powder Coated Steel


Ceiling systems can be customized using Arkturas' 'toolset' which includes many powerful design variables. Even with a minimal number of modules, Alluvia® can generate huge design impact. It includes options for the depth of the system components in each tile so that Alluvia® can be fully customized in any situation such as when working with a tall atrium or a lower-height ceiling.


To install the ceiling systems, a step-by-step kit of parts approach is adopted with easy-to-follow instructions cutting cost and installation time. The end products come equipped with all the necessary attachments and mounting hardware, making installation approachable and simple. Tubes are easily removable and offer the opportunity to integrate lighting.



Arktura is a carbon-neutral company. They manufacture in a zero-waste manufacturing facility in the USA and ship globally.

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