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Falcon Spider Crawler Lifts | Falcon Lifts

This product is no longer available on ArchDaily.

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  • Use

  • Applications

    Atriums, hotels, shopping centers, facility management sites, office buildings, airports
  • Characteristics

    Narrow access, multi-positioning outrigger system, advanced jib articulation, easy transport, self-propelling, low weight/ground pressure, hybrid power systems
  • Certification

    Machinery Directive 2006/42EC, MEWP standard EN 280

More about this product

Falcon Spider Crawler Lifts feature are low-weight and have rubber tracks that allow them access to more places around a job site. Falcon Spider Crawler Lifts are designed to be able to climb slopes and even steps in variable degrees depending on the model.

All of the Falcon Spider Crawler Lifts models apart for the FS 330Z Vario, are designed with a double crawler system, which makes the steering very easy and maneuverable.


Falcon Lifts have an automatic safety and stability management-system, allowing maximum outreach with any combination of outrigger settings, even with the outriggers set up on different levels.

Narrow access

The design of the Spider Lifts is extremely compact in its stowed position; it allows access to job sites where entrance space is limited, and high reach is required.

Multi-positioning outrigger system

The Falcon Spider Lifts are designed for limited setup space and have unique hydraulic outriggers which are independently controlled and multipositional. This allows each outrigger to be individually rotated and articulated in both horizontal and vertical planes. Each outrigger of The Falcon Spider Lift can be placed in three different positions.

Advanced Jib Articulation

Falcon Lifts have an advanced double jib system. The double jib system is the only one of its kind, allowing the operator to rotate over, under and between building obstacles.

Easy Transport and Self-Propelling

The Falcon Spider Lifts have self-propelling battery drive as standard on all models, which is ideal for quiet, fume-free indoor operation. The lifts can load and off-load themselves, by lifting their chassis high enough off the ground with their outriggers, to allow a truck or a trailer to move under them.

The addition of front-wheel steering offers maximum maneuverability in limited space and an adjustable rear wheel axle gives maximum stability when driving, and minimum width when passing through narrow openings.

Low Weight & Ground Pressure

The Spider Lifts are designed to have the lowest possible weight to reduce ground pressure, making them applicable for any kind of use.

Designed For Power Properties - Bi-energy Hybrid

Falcon Spider Lifts are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, therefore a combination of different power sources is available for different needs. Hybrid drive in combination with batteries and combustion engines with both gasoline and diesel is an option, depending on the need for the purpose.

With the bi-energy all power sources can be available in one lift, making it functional for a wide variety of uses.


Model FS 320 C Vario FS 520C FS 370C FS 420C
Working height 32 m 52 m 37 m 42 m
Maximum reach 14-15 m 17 m 16-17 m 16-17 m
Linkarm (2 x 3 m) 6 m 6 m 6 m 6 m
Double linkarm 200° 200° 200° 200°
Basket load 200 kg 200 kg 200 kg 200 kg
Aluminum basket 0,8 x 1,4m 0,8 x 1,4m 0,8 x 1,4m 0,8 x 1,4m
Basket rotation +/- 90° +/- 90° +/- 90° +/- 90°
Turret rotation 375° 375° 375° 375°

Dimensions (transport position)

Model FS 320C Vario FS 520C FS 370C FS 420C
Total height 1,84-2,09 m 2,10 m 2,10 m 2,10 m
Total length 7,20 m 9,3 m 8,10 m 8,25 m
Total width 1,25-1,58 m* 1,25 m-1,60 m 1,22 m 1,22 m
Gradability (standard) 20°/37% 20°/37% 20°/37% 20°/37%
Weight approx 5550 kg* 13.500 kg* 7.900kg* 7.900kg*

*Depending on optional equipment

Standard equipment

  • Automatic stability & outreach control
  • Computer-controlled (can-bus)
  • Proportional control of all functions
  • Self-propelled
  • Battery-powered with charger 180 Ah
  • Double link-arm system
  • 375° turret rotation, with integrated stop
  • Individual setting of each outrigger
  • Electronic checking of the power system (PLC)
  • Manual pump system for emergency lowering
  • Ability to self-load onto trucks or trailers
  • Non-marking solid tires
  • Adjustable wheel-axle
  • Minimum width only 0.8 m
  • Space for tools etc. in basket
  • Storage room in chassis with lock
  • Wireless remote control of all functions

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This product is no longer available on ArchDaily.

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