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Square Light Panel - Kanna | WINLED

  • Use

    Interior lighting
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial, public
  • Characteristics

    Choice of color temperatures, dimmable, suitable for narrow framing, even flux, wide angled light distribution
  • Colors

  • Guarantee

    2 year warranty

More about this product

Kanna from WINLED - a square light panel with an aluminum frame - is a great solution for general lighting. The Kanna family features three recessed mounted options and a surface mounted model. Due to its particularly small (30 mm) embedding depth, recessed mounted lighting fixtures can be embedded even in narrow framing.

WINLED's Kanna gives an even luminous flux at a wide 120-degree angle and is dimmable with standard TRIAC, transistor and thyristor controllers. Kanna is available in different sizes, color temperature and power options. The ability to choose from a great variety of specifications makes Kanna a suitable lighting fixture for different interiors such as residential, commercial, institutional and hospitality applications.

Kanna is available in the LIGHTS add-on for Revit, which can be downloaded from Autodesk App store.

Kanna 18W | WINLED

Technical Data

Frame material aluminum
Mounting method recessed or surface mounted
Color temperature 3000K | 4000K
Appliance classes II
Operating temperature -20° - +40°C
Voltage (AC) 230V/50Hz
Color rendering index 80
Beam angle 120°
Lifetime - LED (h) 50,000 h

Model Comparison

Kanna 18W 3000K | 4000K Kanna 12W 3000K | 4000K Kanna 12w surface-mounted 3000K | 4000K Kanna 6W 3000K | 4000K
Luminous flux, calculated 1800lm | 1890lm 1200lm | 1260lm 1200lm | 1260lm 600lm | 630lm
Luminous flux, output 1238lm | 1339lm 784lm | 859lm 784lm | 859lm 328lm | 373lm
Dimensions 225mm x 225mm x 20mm 170mm x 170mm x 20mm 170mm x 170mm x 40mm 120mm x 120mm x 20mm
IP Code IP44 IP44 IP40 IP44
Wattage 18W 12W 12W 6W
LED Driver Win 300mA/18W IP20 Win 300mA/12W IP20 Win 300mA/12W IP20 Win 300mA/9W IP20

is a LED-manufacturer based in Finland that specializes in lighting. They offer a lighting design service to compliment their LED lights and a free lighting design add-on for Revit called LIGHTS.

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