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LIGHTS Add-On for Revit | WINLED

  • Use

    BIM library / lighting design
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Accurate technical data, real-life functionalities, photometric web files included
  • Format

    BIM Files
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More about this product

WINLED's LIGHTS is a lighting design plugin for Autodesk Revit which features over 70 families of lighting fixtures. Whether you focus on lighting design in residential, commercial, industrial, landscape, exterior or any other applications, LIGHTS will enable you to create a lighting design easier, faster and more realistically.

LIGHTS is available for download from Autodesk App store.


Comprehensive library
LIGHTS is a comprehensive library of LED lighting fixtures which consists of over 70 families, featuring always up-to-date products. The LIGHTS plugin includes a great variety of lighting fixtures for different applications ranging from industrial lights to bollard lighting fixtures for both interior and exterior use. All the lighting fixtures available in LIGHTS are of the latest LED-technology with high quality and have certificates such as Enec, Nemko, TUV.


Photometric web files
The families include photometric web files, which enable realistic design and more photorealistic lighting effects in the rendered images. This feature is especially useful if you want to compare lighting fixtures families by rendering views.


Real-life functionalities
All the lighting fixtures in the LIGHTS app feature real-life functionalities. For example, it is possible to rotate the spotlight to aim its light to the desired direction. Also, it is finally possible to have pendant-mounted lighting fixtures pointing straight down even with the sloped ceiling.

Accurate technical data
All the lighting fixtures include comprehensive and accurate technical data. For example, when changing the color temperature of a lighting fixture, the lumen output changes automatically to match reality.

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