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Fabricoil® in Tang Hotpot Restaurant | Cascade Architectural

  • Use

    5/16”, 15-gauge aluminum coiled wire fabric
  • Applications

    Interior drapery
  • Characteristics

    Transparent, Durable, Flexible, Recyclable and Formable Metal, made in USA.
  • Format

    Metal Mesh, coiled wire fabric, metal fabric
  • Colors

    Satin Gold finish
  • Certification

    Living Building Challenge

More about this product

Cascade Architectural is a specialist in the design, engineering, manufacture, and installation of coiled wire fabric systems. Fabricoil® drapery was introduced to a restaurant in New York to add layers of translucency to the dining space.

Architects: New Practice Studio

The architects and designers at New Practice Studio wanted to blend an ancient tradition with contemporary design in an authentic Sichuan hotpot restaurant: Tang Hotpot. Whilst being clearly modern, the design team still inserted a traditional Chinese aesthetic using shimmering copper pots crafted by Chinese artisans and a Tang Dynasty mural on the central wall.


The restaurant's 20-foot-high ceiling required a unique material to add dimension to the open area, sculpting it and adding texture to the main dining space. The founding partner of New Practice Studio, Nianlai Zhong, AIA, RA, specified a metal fabric system that could be offered in a gold finish and suspended from the ceiling.

Material Choice

Zhong chose Cascade Architectural Fabricoil® systems in 5/16”, 15-gauge aluminum coiled wire fabric with a Satin Gold finish. The metal fabric panels – 460 sq. ft. in total – are secured with Cascade’s Avenue engineered attachment system utilizing aluminum top and bottom channels. The architects designed the geometry and installation detail in conjunction with Cascade Architectural. The choice of installation allowed the coiled wire fabric panels to seemingly float in the air in a more dynamic way than regular vertically-hung panels.

Coiled Wire Fabric System

Fabricoil® is a versatile and affordable design solution for building interiors. Its aesthetic value and range of performance benefits make it a valuable product for architects and designers. Cascade Architectural’s pre-engineered systems are manufactured by trained technicians, shipped and delivered ready to install – saving the construction team a considerable amount of time and money.

At Tang Hotpot, Fabricoil® adds a layer of mystery and translucency to the dining space and integrates perfectly with the restaurant’s modern design. Fabricoil® also reacts wonderfully to light – reflecting it in various directions for a beautiful diffusion throughout the dining area.

Project Data

Architects New Practice Studio
Shading screen supply Cascade Architectural
Fabricoil® copper-clad steel fabric 460 sq. ft. of 5/16”, 15-gauge aluminum coiled wire fabric with Satin Gold finish.
Client Tang Hotpot, New York, NY

Fabricoil™ | Tang hotpot Resturant | Cascade Architectural

Cascade Architectural

Cascade Architectural is a division of Cascade Coil Drapery, Inc., based in Tualatin, it provides coiled wire fabrics for a wide variety of applications, including Fabricoil® architectural coiled wire fabric systems and their engineered attachment systems around the world. Environmentally sustainable and made in the USA, Cascade Architectural’s coiled wire fabric has also been scientifically proven to save energy and increase thermal comfort when used as window treatments or exterior shades and scrims.

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