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Fabricoil® Solar Shading in Tarleton University | Cascade Architectural

  • Use

    Exterior coiled wire fabric panels
  • Applications

    Vertical suspension-cable suspended shading screens
  • Characteristics

    Transparent, Durable, Flexible, Recyclable, Sustainable, Formable Metal, made in USA.
  • Format

    Fully engineered systems
  • Colors

    Standard and custom finishes available
  • Certification

    Living Building Challenge

More about this product

Cascade Architectural is a specialist in the design, engineering, manufacture, and installation of coiled wire fabric systems. The company recently provided approximately 2,300 sq. ft. of Fabricoil® copper-clad steel fabric in fully engineered systems for Traditions Halls North and South at Tarleton State University.


The growing academic institution required two new on-campus residence halls, which came in the form of the modern Traditions Halls; designed to be a home for both living and learning for more than 500 students. The buildings feature social spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows which act like lantern-like elements that can be seen from the bisecting pedestrian route, Rudder Way. The large expanses of glass raised concerns about solar performance during the day, the design required a material which would fit the building style and fulfill their solar shading requirements.

Material Choice

The architects; BOKA Powell, used Cascade Architectural Fabricoil solar shading panels because the material is budget friendly and has a translucency that controls the amount of sunlight entering a building. In addition, the lightweight, semi-transparent coiled wire fabric panels maintain views of the surrounding campus for students inside. The selection was ultimately made for Fabricoil®'s durability, functionality, and aesthetic qualities.

Coiled Wire Fabric System

Cascade Architectural provides an assortment of high-quality metal wires for custom coiled wire fabric systems. Fabricoil® is available in various finishes and customizable colors – fitting in with the aesthetics of every project. BOKA Powell specified copper-clad steel wire, which they intentionally left exposed to the elements so that it would age. The original fabric has visually morphed—initially into a brownish hue, and ultimately into the bronze patina it has today.

The Fabricoil® in Traditions Halls is secured with an Express with Suspension Cables attachment system. The vertical cables make the panels appear to float, they are oriented to provide relief from the intense Texas sun. The effect of the translucency is gradated by the overlapping panels and cast shadow effects which animate both the interior halls and the pedestrian mall.

Project Data

Architects BOKA Powell Architects
Constructors Beatty Construction
Shading screen supply Cascade Architectural
Fabricoil® copper-clad steel fabric 2,300 sq. ft.
Completion date August 2016

Cascade Architectural

Cascade Architectural is a division of Cascade Coil Drapery, Inc., based in Tualatin, it provides coiled wire fabrics for a wide variety of applications. Cascade Architectural provides Fabricoil® architectural coiled wire fabric systems and their engineered attachment systems around the world. Environmentally sustainable and made in the USA, Cascade Architectural’s coiled wire fabric has also been scientifically proven to save energy and increase thermal comfort when used as window treatments or exterior shades and scrims.

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