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Plenum Collection - High-backed Couches | Fritz Hansen

  • Use

    Residential, corporate, commercial, hotel
  • Applications

    Open office, airport lounge, hotel lobby, public spaces
  • Characteristics

    Durable, easily re-upholstered, high-back, USB ports and plugs, mounted tables, no glue
  • Sizes

    One seater, two seater, three seater
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More about this product

With PlenumFritz Hansen pays homage to modern workspaces and making room for collaboration. This high-back couch system designed by Jaime Hayon is crafted for durability. The challenging process of creating a curvy design with no wrinkles and without using glue resulted in a vigorous, versatile design with the possibility of re-upholstery whenever needed.


Plenum™ is a high-back couch system consisting of three unit options:

  • One-seater
    One-seater | Plenum Collection High-backed Couch | Fritz Hansen
  • Two-seater
    Two-seater | Plenum Collection High-backed Couch | Fritz Hansen
  • Three-seater
    Three-seater | Plenum Collection High-backed Couch | Fritz Hanse


Plenum is perfectly suited for hard contact as it is upholstered in the strongest polyester and polyurethane foam materials and it comes in a variety of textiles. Among them are the two strong and resistant Revive from Kvadrat, 100% recycled polyester with a Martindale of 60.000 as well as the polyester blend Messenger from Maharam with a Martindale of 65.000.

Plenum is created to stand the test of time and rigorous daily use in a wide variety of different environments – from a well-attended airport lounge to an open multi-functional office. Both textiles are recycled polyester blends that ensure a long-lasting result fit for hard contract. Furthermore, both textiles are created in distinctive patterns adding a vivid look and a textured feel. Plenum’s four-legged base is powder-coated black steel.


The Plenum™ couches are delivered “knock down” due to the size of the couch. Therefore, the couch is made to be assembled as easy and smooth as possible and with only two persons and a few tools. The modules are provided with pre-mounted metal threads to ensure durability and easy assembly/disassembly. Assembly guidelines are included in the packaging.


  • Right and left side table (incl. base).
  • Tabletop moves approx. 86°
  • Power unit with 1 x regular plug and a double USB 1,5A outlet


Seat, back and side cushions are made of cut HR Foam, to ensure durability and comfort. Screens and neck cushion are made of molded Low emission HR MDI polyurethane foam with embedded steel or plywood support.


  • Rethinking the open office
    Creating office furniture that combines comfort and aesthetics requires an abundance of experience, attention to details and the courage to think differently.
  • Solutions before products
    The initial thoughts behind creating a design like Plenum was a search for the best solutions rather than the product itself. Fritz Hansen has revised their collection and created a design that lives up to the need for flexibility and longevity found in today’s workplaces and public spaces.
  • It’s in the DNA
    Designing for the sake of the visual, the rational and the emotional is the absolute trinity that constitutes the Fritz Hansen design DNA and is found in every item in the collection.
  • Designer
    might be Jaime Hayon’s first office chair design, but it is a clear reflection of his playful approach to designing furniture for the home. The Spanish designer challenges conventions, brings warmth to cold environments and softens the sharp edges of traditional public spaces. He focuses on the fact that furniture is made for humans – to be used by humans, believing that design should provoke emotions, make you feel good and create happiness.
  • Design family
    Plenum joined a family of Hayon designs in 2018; the family includes the Ro™ and the Fri™ chairs as well as the Lune™ couch. Every one of these items were originally designed for the private home but have proven to fit perfectly in public spaces. The overall objective of the design was to challenge the concept of traditional office furniture and create a feeling of home. In other words, Plenum has taken the best of both worlds and caters for emotional and functional needs simultaneously.
  • Creating an entire experience
    In the modern workplace, one piece of furniture sometimes needs to fulfill several needs – be it the need for silence or for socializing. The rise of new ways of working calls for new ways of designing spaces Plenum is designed to create a space that welcomes both collaboration, concentration and relaxation.

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