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Steel Roofing Sheets | Ruukki

  • Use

  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Durable, sustainable, color coated, resistant to corrosion/UV/scratches, lightweight
  • Colors

    RR11 Spruce green, RR2H3 Anthracite, RR29 Red, RR22 Grey, RR23 Dark grey, RR32 Brown, RR33 Black, RR750 Tile red, RR779 Wine red, RR 798 Aubergine, RR887 Chocolate brown
  • Guarantee

    30-50 years technical warranty, 10-25 years aesthetic warranty

More about this product

Ruukki’s steel roofs have protected homes for over 50 years. Their wide selection of colors, coatings, and styles lend the steel roofs to modern, traditional and many more designs styles. The roofing sheets are categorized into three different sections:

  • Standing seam roofs
  • Tile sheet roofs
  • Profiled sheet roofs


Many of Ruukki sheet roof products use GreenCoat color coated steel; a Bio-based Technology coating where a substantial portion of traditional fossil oil is replaced by Swedish rapeseed oil. GreenCoat products are highly resistant to corrosion, UV radiation as well as scratches. They provide builders with a lightweight material that is easy to work with even down to -15°C.

Ruukki Quality Classes

  • Ruukki 50 Plus
    50 years of technical warranty and 25 years of aesthetic warranty
    Products in this quality class have the highest durability and the most distinctive design among solutions available in the market
  • Ruukki 40
    40 years of technical warranty and 15 years of aesthetic warranty
    Products in this quality class have very good parameters and are suitable for all roofing projects
  • Ruukki 30
    30 years of technical warranty and 10 years of aesthetic warranty
    Products in this quality class ensure affordable choice meeting various needs and expectations

Color Options

  • RR11 Spruce green
  • RR2H3 Anthracite
  • RR29 Red
  • RR22 Grey
  • RR23 Dark grey
  • RR32 Brown
  • RR33 Black
  • RR750 Tile red
  • RR779 Wine red
  • RR 798 Aubergine
  • RR887 Chocolate brown

Please find more detailed information about Ruukki's Roofing Sheet Offering here.

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