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Material Decors - Max Compact Exterior Panels | Fundermax
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Material Decors - Max Compact Exterior Panels | Fundermax

  • Use

  • Applications

    Rainscreen facades, wall cladding, balconies, terrace floors, gates, doors, partition walls, commercial construction
  • Characteristics

    Scratch-resistant, easy to clean, solvent-resistant, easy to install, weather resistant, light-fastness, impact-resistant, double-hardened, printed on both sides
  • Format

    2800x1300m = 3.64 m2 / 110.24“ x 51.18“ = 39.18 sf; 4100x1300m = 5.33 m2 / 161.42“ x 51.18“ = 57.37 sf; 2800x1854m = 5.19 m2 / 110.24“ x 72.99“ = 55.87 sf; 4100x1854m = 7.60 m2 / 161.42“ x 72.99“ = 81.81 sf
  • Certification


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More about this product

Fundermax ‘Material’ décor is the group of Max Compact Exterior decors with dynamic finishes, geometric structures and some different effects that draw inspiration from shapes and textures found in nature or in the urban areas.

Energy, earth, stone, and city are the environmental conditions that inspire the different groups of decors that make up the diverse subrange of ‘material’.

Urban | Exterior Decors

Solid | Exterior Decors

Plain | Exterior Decors

Energetic | Exterior Decors

Fundermax introduces six new finishes that play off of hybrid decors and fluent marble effects in modern urban grey and earth tones. Within the update, every new pattern is impressively presented in the surfaces gloss (NG) & satin (NT).

The play of matt and glossy surfaces, give these new decors a special charm.

The unique exterior material collection is extended with the addition of these new texture effects to our existing line of decors.

New exterior Decors


  • NT
    Silk matte effect with some shimmer
  • NH - Hexa
    Deep studded structure. The non-slip base provides optimum protection against weathering.
  • NG - Gloss
    A gloss option with superior weather resistance
  • NY – Sky
    Offers unmatched depth and character emulating the nuances of rough stone surfaces.

Lightfastness of rainscreen facade - F-quality:

Artificial weathering: EN ISO 4892-2 1500h
Evaluated according to greyscale EN 20105-A02 ≥3

© ONL Arquitectura
Residential building in Barcelona (Spain) by ONL Arquitectura using decor 0162 Afro Sahara


  • Double hardened
  • Scratch, solvent and hail resistant
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Impact-resistant to EN ISO 178
  • Decorative
  • Suitable for all exterior applications
  • Self-supporting
  • Bending resistant EN ISO 178
  • Frost resistant -80oC to 180oC (DMTA - OFI 300.128)
  • Heat resistant -80oC to 180oC (DMTA - OFI 300.128)

Max Compact Exterior F-Quality

As a standard, Max Compact Exterior panels come printed on both sides. The core is flame-retardant and the surface is lightfast. Thanks to the double-hardened resin, it is also extremely weather-resistant. (Fire Test EN 13501-1, B-s2,d0)


The Max Compact Exterior panels in F-Quality also come polished on just one side for use in sandwich elements.

Processing (Compact Elements)

Fundermax offers CNC controlled processing and panel cutting. With state-of-the-art devices, it is possible to produce everything: from simple cutouts for mounting the façade panels to intricate milling for balcony elements. They can make just about anything you can dream up.

Formats (aprox)

  • 2800x1300m = 3.64 m2 / 110.24“ x 51.18“ = 39.18 sf
  • 4100x1300m = 5.33 m2 / 161.42“ x 51.18“ = 57.37 sf
  • 2800x1854m = 5.19 m2 / 110.24“ x 72.99“ = 55.87 sf
  • 4100x1854m = 7.60 m2 / 161.42“ x 72.99“ = 81.81 sf


F-Quality, flame-retardant, colour brown


  • Panels with double-sided decor:
    Formats (production-sizes)
    4,0 - 4,9 mm
    5,0 - 7,9 mm
    8,0 - 11,9 mm
    12,0 - 13,0 mm
    Higher thicknesses on request in standard quality, Format XL.
  • Panels with sanded-reverse side:
    For symmetrically structured sandwich elements.
    Thicknesses 2,0 - 2,9 mm 3,0 - 4,0 mm
    Tolerances (EN 438-6, 5.3) ± 0,2 mm
    ± 0,3 mm

Urban renewal project in Vienna (Austria) © Ing. Fritz Brandstätter Bauplanungs- & Management GmbH using decor 0793 Patina Tin

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