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Fundermax Panels in Hotels Around the World | Fundermax
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Fundermax Panels in Hotels Around the World | Fundermax

  • Use

    Exterior, interior
  • Applications

    Hotel Exterior: façade, balconies, floors. Hotel Interior: furniture, cladding
  • Characteristics

    Durable, easy to clean and install; scratch, shock, chemical, and stain resistant

More about this product

Thanks to their properties in terms of strength and design, Max Compact Interior and Max Compact Exterior, offer the perfect solution to bringing a different and lasting touch to hotels. Both products are easy to install and clean and require minimal maintenance.

Hotel Grand Fiesta Americana Hotels & Resort®

The hotel Grand Fiesta Americana Hotels & Resort® has more than ten levels, it is built with a traditional structure, located in Angelópolis, Puebla, an ideal environment for it. On the façade, Max Compact Exterior is combined in several gray shades in NT finish. The different size panels fit together like pieces of a puzzle, stamping the building with a unique character.

In the Encore Hotel, in Querétaro, Mexico, different red shades are combined to introduce a touch of liveliness and bringing a lightness to the façade. In addition, the glass finish on one side converts the same panel into a semi-interior finish that can be seen from the outside covering a whole column of balconies, an effect that makes all the difference to the design.

Left: Encore Hotel Querétaro - © Instalika / Right: Solidarités Hotel - © Fred Laures

In addition to playing with different shades, another great technique with Fundermax panels is to mix finishes, as seen in the Solidarités Hotel in France, where the same grey decor is used: 0077 Charcoal, in NT and NG (gloss) finish.

The decor 0160 Dark Afro brings a sober and elegant style to the entire façade of the Hotel House from Uco, located in the wine region of the Uco Valley. The Max Compact Exterior panels, thanks to their resistance both to climate and UV rays, are fundamental to preserve this façade in perfect condition.

Hotel Casa de Uco © Alberto Tonconogy Arq.

For an integrated solution in hotels, Max Compact Exterior can be used for façade, balconies, and floors, and Max Compact Interior the furniture and interior cladding. Thanks to the decors available in both products, a continuity in the design can be achieved using the same tones both outside and inside.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the interior cladding of the Esplendor Hotel in Asunción, Paraguay is the play of lights that is achieved with a backlight, by means of perforated Max Compact interior panels that let in light from behind. The possibility of machining the panels multiplies the design options and in this case, the reception of the hotel won't leave you wanting.

Hotel Esplendor Asunción

The machining capabilities of the panels invite playfulness to exteriors, as seen in the Caldor Hotel.

Max Compact Interior can be used in wet areas, such as the bathrooms of the Kleines Hotel Kärnten or the modern headboard combination of the Hollmann Hotel, Beletage, also in Austria. Its resistance to bumps and scratches makes it a perfect material that resists the passage of guests through the rooms and is easy to clean.

Left: Kleines Hotel Kärnten - © Tischlerei Grossegger / Right: Hollmann Beletage Hotel - © Christian Saupper

In addition to façade applications, Max Compact Exterior can be used to create impressive terraces with a Hexa (NH) anti-slip finish. At the Montport Hotel on the island of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, the panels with decor 0794 Patina Bronze have been cut in slats and used for the floor of the terrace and the pool.

Montport Hotel, Port D’Andratx

It is possible to make a façade featuring balconies with Max Compact Exterior or only the balconies, as in the Garni Tirol Hotel, where a white façade is combined with the decor panels 0803 Tyrol Pine, giving it a rustic and cozy touch.

Garni Tirol Hotel

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