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Acuity Low Iron Glass | Vitro®

  • Use

    Interior and exterior glazing
  • Applications

    Entrances, storefronts, security glass, protective windows, enclosures, curtainwalls, interior partition, furniture, balustrades
  • Characteristics

    Clarity, no green cast, high light transmittance
  • Certification

    Cradle to Cradle, Material Health Certificate, may be used as credentialing for LEED®

More about this product

Where conventional clear glass was once a given—such as spandrel and vision glass applications—pure clarity is now an option. Acuity™ Glass by Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass) provides an affordable low-iron solution. Available with Solarban® solar control low-emissivity (low-e) coatings, Acuity™ Glass offers vivid views with no green cast.

When used with low-e coatings, AcuityLow-Iron Glass delivers neutral aesthetics and high visible light transmittance (VLT)

Coatings available

September 2018:

  • Solarban® 60 on Acuity® glass
    Solarban® 60 glass is visibly clearer and has a higher light transmittance than a conventional clear/clear low-e coated insulating unit.
  • Solarban® 72 on Acuity™ Glass
    The color-neutral aesthetic of the Solarban® 72 coating delivers unprecedented solar control and light transmittance to help strike the right balance between form and function.
  • Solarban® 90 Glass
    The latest evolution in solar control low-e glass, Solarban® 90 glass conveys a neutral appearance in both color and reflectance, whether viewed from the interior or exterior of a building. Combining advanced coating technology and refinements to proven triple-silver-coating technology, it is the world’s first quad-silver-coated glass.

Available from Vitro Architectural Glass at a later date:

  • Solarban® 67 Glass
    On Acuity® glass, the neutral Solarban® 67 coating endows buildings with a clean, clear appearance that delivers a visual “pop.” Solarban® 67 glass transmits and reflects the timbre and brightness of ambient light and the surrounding environment with true color fidelity, especially with Acuity® glass as its substrate.
  • Solarban® R100 Glass
    Solarban® R100 glass
    is a neutral-reflective low-e glass that delivers a pure, cool blue-gray appearance when used on Acuity® glass. Because Solarban® R100 glass uniquely balances reflectivity and color-neutrality, it can function both as a privacy glass and as a material that harmonizes with spandrels and other building materials.


Vitro Architectural Glass has been a pioneer in oxygen-fueled glass furnace technology, which cuts natural gas consumption by 15 percent compared to conventional air-fired glass furnaces while reducing carbon emissions by 10 percent and nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 50 percent, operating one-third of the world’s oxygen-fueled glass furnaces.

The company promotes sustainability through post-consumer recycling of its products, by meeting global regulatory statutes and by developing wildlife-friendly products such as the industry’s first “bird-safe” low-emissivity (low-e) glass, and “turtle glass,” which helps turtle hatchlings survive in commercially developed coastal areas.

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