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How to Design Ventilated Facades | Fundermax
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How to Design Ventilated Facades | Fundermax

  • Use

    Exterior construction systems
  • Applications

    Ventilated façade
  • Characteristics

    High mechanical strength, resistance to wind loads, protection against humidity, color resistance against UV rays, minimal maintenance

More about this product

This century's construction model is focused on sustainability: without renouncing design and innovation, it aims for modern construction while obtaining environmental benefits.

Ventilated façades are an important development and the technology grows along with the trend towards practical-social modernization of lightweight façades. The wall-insulation-cladding structure treats the floating façade as an outer skin, which becomes the first defense against external environmental factors.

Fig.1: Canal de Difusión / Fig.2: Aislamiento Térmico
Fig.1: Ventilated channel / Fig.2: Thermal Insulation

Using materials such as Fundermax Compact Exterior provides an integrated aesthetic to the innovative construction; it gives high mechanical strength, resistance to wind loads, protection against humidity, color resistance against UV rays and requires minimal maintenance.

A ventilated façade system is good for the hygrothermal behavior of the construction, preventing the air in the chamber from being heated which in turn transmits convection heat to the interior of the building. It also prevents the diffusion of water vapor from the interior to the exterior of the building: humidity is eliminated when it passes through the ventilation chamber. Thus, the insulation is protected and it can contribute significantly to a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. The insulation is there to improve thermal transmission in the building. The effect of wind on the façade drives the entering air from the outside towards the inside of the chamber, cooling it.

After analyzing rehabilitated buildings with Fundermax façades, is clear that thermal and acoustical transmissions are reduced, an important contribution is made to energy savings and the façade acts as a durable external enclosure.

Ventilated façades can be designed for different energy saving needs depending on the geographical location and level of insulation. Any thickness of mineral wool insulation can be used to achieve the desired U-values or comply with energy-saving standards for different countries. The insulation maximizes the heat retention of the building; by reducing the amount of energy needed for heating, the façade minimizes carbon dioxide emissions from the heating system.

Advantages of Ventilated Façades

  • An exact cost estimate can be made
  • All-weather installation
  • Quick installation saves on scaffolding
  • No façade repair costs during installation phase
  • Virtually zero maintenance
  • Durability and added building value

Compact Exterior is a high-quality construction product that is used especially for durable coatings on balconies and façades. Fundermax Compact Exterior panels are thermostable laminates manufactured at high pressure according to standard EN 438-6, type EDF, which give extremely effective protection against the weather. This protection consists of our patented NT surface with double hardened acrylic-polyurethane resins. Fundermax Exterior panels carry an ICC Evaluation Services Report (#3340), which is the highest standard of code compliance in the USA.

Max Compact Exterior panels can be installed following different methods on a facade:

  • Modulo
  • Scaleo
  • Color-matched Rivet/Screw Fastening
  • Concealed Fastener

With the Modulo and Scaleo façade systems, Fundermax offers panels, assembly systems plus all the necessary accessories from the same supplier. In this way, you not only save money, but you can be sure of receiving panels and accessories for façades which are resistant to impact, durable and colorfast with the proven quality of Fundermax.

Modulo Façade System

The Modulo system can be easily installed on wooden or metal substructures and its different design possibilities allow it to bring completely new aesthetics to a façade.

The standard pre-fabricated modules are delivered ready to install together with the horizontal profiles and clips, to fix them to the vertical profiles (not supplied by Fundermax). It must be installed with a minimum ventilation chamber of 20 mm between the insulation, and the inside of the panel. The speed of installation is an important attraction to this system.

House in Le Ham - © David Boureau

Scaleo Façade System

The Scaleo System can also be mounted onto wooden or metal substructures and provides a special character to a façade thanks to the overlapping finish. It also includes a variety of corner solutions.

With the Max Compact Exterior prefabricated panels for overlapping cladding, it is easy to design resistant and modern façades, by means of the ideal combination of an easy-to-install support system with the proven quality characteristics of the Max Compact Exterior façade panels. The complete and perfect protection for façades. The panels are very resistant to external agents and sunlight. In addition to impact and scratch resistance, Max Compact Exterior façade panels are also easy to clean and able to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

Les Mélezes Residence, France · Ulysses Design - © Grégoire Auger

Concealed Mechanical Fastening System

This is a system for fixing the Max Compact Exterior panels using support anchors for a hidden mechanical fixation on a metal substructure. This fixing consists of an anchor secured with a special screw to the panel and fixing clips placed in the horizontal guide profile, fixed to a vertical guide profile. All the components of this system are designed to fit perfectly together.

The panels, equipped with these hanging clips, hang on the horizontal profiles of the structure and are adjusted by leveling screws and secured with a screw that eliminates lateral movements. You can find more information about the Secret Mechanical Fastening System in the Fundermax Exterior Technical Catalog.

Private House in Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary · Toth Project - © Batár Zsolt

Rivet Mounted Fastening System

A metal substructure is basically composed of vertical support profiles supported from the wall by angular supports anchored to the wall. For fixing, rivets or screws made of aluminum or stainless steel with a large head normally lacquered in the same color as the panel are used. You can find more information about the rivet system in the Fundermax Exterior Technical Catalog.

Grand Fiesta Americana Hotels & Resort® - © Ana Olea

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