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Knotwood Siding | Omnimax
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Knotwood Siding | Omnimax

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    Lightweight, long-lasting, customizable, easy-installation, concealed fasteners
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    Limited lifetime warranty

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It's not wood, it's aluminum. Lighter, stronger, straighter than real wood.

OmniMax manufactures building and transportation products from aluminum, steel, vinyl, and copper. The fabricated components are supplied to manufacturers, distributors, contractors and home centers throughout North America and Western Europe. A sub-brand of OmniMax, Knotwood specializes in woodlike aluminum extrusions; with all the benefits of wood, without the drawbacks.

Lighter, stronger and straighter than real wood; Knotwood uses a state of the art sublimation process to create woodlike aluminum that's greener, safer, stronger and easier to use than wood. Color choices range from traditional warm woody hues to dark modern ashes. Select a Knotwood Woodgrain color for a modern play on the traditional or choose from their deluxe color range for a more monochrome look.

In recent years siding has turned from classic to contemporary using new materials with new applications. In keeping with progression, Knotwood's siding system has been engineered to be versatile in its uses, without losing its timeless traditional appeal. It has superior resistance to weathering than wood and boasts minimal maintenance.

Knotwood Siding | OmniMax
Knotwood’s siding system is made up of a few simple components. The cladding system is based on a tongue and groove boarding system including extra components to easily maneuver around windows, corners, and joints.

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