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Equinox Residential Louvered Roofs | Omnimax
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Equinox Residential Louvered Roofs | Omnimax

  • Use

    Exterior shading
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Customizable, motorized, solar powered, gutter system
  • Certification

    Class A Fire Resistance: 2012 IBC Section 1502.2 #2
  • Guarantee

    10-year limited warranty for aluminum parts and paints; 3-year warranty for electrical items and control systems

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More about this product

OmniMax manufactures building and transportation products from aluminum, steel, vinyl, and copper. The fabricated components are supplied to manufacturers, distributors, contractors and home centers throughout North America and Western Europe. A sub-brand of OmniMax, Equinox specializes in Louvered Roofs.

Whether entertaining or relaxing, Equinox Louvered Roof completes an outdoor environment. The louvers move at command to allow full sunshine, filter shade or provide solid rain protection. The system has been designed for homeowners who have a passion for entertaining. The weather need not be a factor in planning an event or enjoying the outdoors since the Louvered Roof blocks the sun’s rays or unexpected rain showers. Guests and family will always be protected no matter what the occasion, a gala, a family night or an intimate dinner for two.

The patio system is strong and conforms to nearly all wind and snow load requirements. The louvers are neutrally versatile to integrate flawlessly into any architectural style, such as gable roofs, bay windows, doors, or angled roofs and walls. Virtually any material and finish can be applied to the Equinox patio cover frame.


  • patios
  • Spas
  • Swimming pools
  • Cabanas
  • Gazebos
  • Courtyards
  • Entryways
  • Anywhere that sun, light and weather control is desired.


The Equinox Roof is made from extruded aluminum and offers greater durability than traditional patio covers. Unlike plastic or fabric, metal components will outperform in heat and rain.


An innovative system of rotating gears drives the louvers into the perfect position for ventilation, sun-blocking or rainfall protection.

  • Wired Multi-Bay Control
    With the flip of a switch, a convenient panel easily rotates the patio system louvers from fully opened to a solid roof in a matter of moments and adjust various bays. No matter what the degree of the sun, optimize every section of the patio.
  • Remote Control
    A single remote can control up to 6 channels (4 independent bays and other accessories, such as power outlets or lights, when available)
  • Solar Battery
    Drawing, storing and converting the sun’s energy, the battery cell powers the motor that rotates the louvers. The louvered roof needs no wiring and uses no power. It is both renewable and sustainable. The Equinox Louvered Roof solar battery is securely mounted in a discreet and sunny corner of your patio. Non-solar power systems are also available.
  • Built-in Gutters
    At installation, the louvered roof is precisely angled to ensure that rainwater flows into the gutters along the perimeter of the system. The hidden gutter system manages rainwater runoff with an integrated downspout.

Optional Accessories:

  • Customized columns and beams

  • Designer fans and lighting systems

  • Radiant heat and misting systems


Positive/Negative Wind Load; tested as per TAS 202:

  • 14’ span +30/-17.5 psf
  • 12’ span +30/-40 psf
  • 8’ span +30/-85 psf
Material ASTM B221 6063-T5 Aluminum Extrusion
Allowable Shear 217 lbf
Allowable Moment 482 lbf*ft
Modulus of Elasticity (E) 10,100 ksi
Moment of Inertia 0.437 in4
Coefficient of Deflection 0.016 (Single span theoretical value 5/384=0.013)
Wind Speed 115 MPH Exposure B
Maximum Ss= 25% Seismic Design Category B

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