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Textile Architecture in King Abdulaziz Center | MDT-tex

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  • Use

    Outdoor Equipment
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Water and corrosion resistant, aesthetic appeal, shade provision, rain protection, fire retardant, high resistance, high-tech
  • Format

    6 round and 13 asymmetrical large umbrellas of type E XXL
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More about this product

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture is a stunning, modern building of interconnected spaces for exploration, learning, entertainment, and research. Mirroring the flowing dunes and sculpted rock formations of the Saudi landscape, the Center will blend organically with the outside environment, while housing the very latest technological and thought innovations on the inside. Designed by Snøhetta, the Cultural Center contains an auditorium, cinema, library, exhibition hall, museum, and archive.


Project King Abdulaziz Center
Location Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Date February 2016

Outdoor Membranes:

The project required outdoor membrane constructions that were capable of customization for a design-orientated project which would resist all weather conditions including strong winds. For that reason, MDT-tex designed specially shaped, inverted umbrellas. Altogether there will be six pieces of ø10m round inverted umbrellas as well as 13pcs in an asymmetrical version, measuring approximately 5x6m.

6 large umbrellas Type E XXL 10 m round
13 large umbrellas Type E XXL asymmetrical 6,4 x 8,8 m different pole lengths

MDT-PTFE Fabric:

One of MDT's core competencies is form-finding according to the design layout provided by the customer. Therefore MDT-tex is using their own manufactured fabric, MDT-PTFE, weighing 700 g/m². This fabric is characterized by a long lifespan as well as UV-resistance. Additionally to the TEFLON-coating, it has a “self-cleaning effect”, which prevents the fabric from aging and polluting. Due to its high functionality and durability, the MDT-PTFE is suitable especially for public places and special constructions for permanent shading and rain protection.

  • Cross-break resistant
  • Color-fast
  • Tearproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to clean
  • UV-resistant
  • Resistant to environmental influence

Benefits of Tulip umbrellas (Type E XXL):

  • Opens and closes by hand crank or electric motor
  • Maintenance-free gearbox
  • Lighting available
  • Cover zip allows for easy replacement
  • Easy installation with the foldable adapter
  • Water can be drained below ground level for permanent installations
  • Safely handles winds up to 60 km/h (with the proper bases)

This product is no longer available on ArchDaily.

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