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Ledalite TruGroove LED Luminaires | Signify

  • Use

    Interior Lighting
  • Applications

    Corporate, Commercial, Educational
  • Characteristics

    Batwing optical distribution, lighting uniformity, wide row spaced, MesoOptic technology
  • Format

    Suspended, surface and wall mount versions
  • Colors

    White, black, titanium silver

More about this product

TruGroove LED luminaires are available in various versions with direct or indirect light and include technology to diffuse light optimally, allowing them to be spaced further apart than traditional lighting options. The TruGroove product family has what you need for almost any application.


  • Lighting uniformity and visual comfort
  • Wide spacing to minimize the number of luminaires
  • Affordable projects with low operating costs
Suspended undefined
Ceiling surface mount and wall mount Surface Mount TruGroove LED by Signify

Light distribution

TruGroove LED's batwing optical distribution makes it possible to create balanced, luminous spaces using fewer luminaires, fixtures and energy compared to traditional lighting systems. A Freeform Elliptical lens optic takes light from a central strip of LEDs facing upwards and redirects them laterally. This high level performance allows for wide row spacing, fewer fixtures and energy savings.

For applications that are mounted on or close to a wall, specialized optics in both the lower and upper hemispheres, unique to the asymmetric versions, ensure a smooth gradation of light down the vertical surface, avoiding light waste and obtrusive hotspots.

MesoOptic Technology

The MesoOptics DX technology in TruGroove suspended luminaires creates a visually comfortable environment while illuminated TruGroove corners provide design inspiration through geometric patterns.

MesoOptics technology consists of micron-scale optical structures on a clear substrate for precisely distributing and controlling light from a luminaire. This high transmission efficiency can also help to reduce the number of luminaries needed for even lighting.

TruGroove LED is offered in three color temperatures:

  • Cold: 3000K
  • Neutral: 3500K
  • Warm: 4000K

Finishes are factory applied, high-quality powder coat paint. Custom finishes are available on top of the following standard finishes:

  • Textured Matte White
  • Black
  • Titanium Silver

Suspended TruGroove LED luminaires by Signify


Response Daylight Sensor & Actilume Occupancy with Field-enabled Daylight are available in suspended direct, direct/indirect and indirect/direct versions and also in surface mount.

Response Daylight sensors and Actilume Occupancy sensors are fully integrated and automatically adjust light levels when daylight enters the room, or dim to low levels when people leave the area, thus helping to reduce operating expenses and comply with new energy codes. Sensors are factory pre-calibrated and ready to use out of the box. The sensors adjust light output gradually with minimal distraction for occupants.

Product Types

TruGroove Suspended TruGroove Recessed
TruGroove Surface TruGroove Recessed Micro
TruGroove Wall MicroSquare gen2 Suspended
TruGroove Perimeter Ambient MicroSquare gen2 Surface
TruGroove Perimeter Graze MicroSquare gen2 Wall
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