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Ledalite SilkSpace | Signify

  • Use

    Interior lighting
  • Applications

    Corporate, Educational, Commercial
  • Characteristics

    Integrated sensors, low-glare
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More about this product

Ledalite SilkSpace LED recessed combines Light Guide and MesoOptics technology to deliver discrete, comfortable lighting with great performance and ultra low-glare.


Architectural grade performance and versatility to suit a wide range of areas and applications:

Input power 16.1W to 61.7W
Efficacy up to 122 lm/W
UGR values (measured at 4Hx8H, 0.25H)

<19 a for all sizes


2 x 2 Ledalite SilkSpace 2x2
2 x 4 Ledalite SilkSpace 2x4
1 x 4 Ledalite SilkSpace 1x4

MesoOptic Technology

MesoOptics technology consists of micron-scale optical structures on a clear substrate for precisely distributing and controlling light from a luminaire. This high transmission efficiency can also help to reduce the number of luminaries needed for even lighting.

Ledalite has minimized MesoOptics technology by shrinking the bi-directional lens and integrating it into the structure of the MesoOptics surface, thus, visual purity of the lower lens is improved along with luminaire efficacy.

Edge-lit light guide technology combined with Ledalite MesoOptics create a homogeneous luminous appearance and an ultra low-glare batwing distribution.

Light distribution

SilkSpace LED's batwing optical distribution makes it possible to create balanced, luminous spaces using fewer luminaires and energy compared with traditional lighting systems. A Freeform Elliptical lens optic takes light from a central strip of LEDs facing upwards and redirects it laterally into a wide batwing distribution. The lighting distribution lends itself to wide row spacing.

Ledalite SilkSpace - Signify


Response Daylight sensors and Actilume Occupancy sensors are fully integrated sensors that automatically adjust light levels when daylight enters the room or dims to low levels when people leave the area, thus helping to reduce operating expenses and comply with new energy codes. Sensors are factory pre-calibrated and ready to use right out of the box. The sensors adjust light output gradually with minimal distraction for occupants.


  • Ceiling Integration
    Fixtures can be fastened directly to the T-bar grid and/or tied-off to the building structure.
  • Drywall kits
    Optional drywall kits are available in all sizes for mounting fixtures in standalone or continuous row configurations. Order separately, one kit per fixture.
  • Wiring Options
    SilkSpace has numerous standard options for wiring and battery packs.
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