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Acoustical Plaster System - StarSilent | Pyrok

  • Use

    Interior walls and ceilings
  • Applications

    Office interiors, lobbies, atriums, natatoriums, gymnasiums
  • Characteristics

    Acoustical panels manufactured from recycled crushed glass finished with a thin, two-coat acoustical plaster finish applied by hand using spray, sound absorbing, recycled, jointless, smooth finish, can be used on contact walls, can be painted, no gypsum board substrate required, can be integrated with a radiant heating and cooling system,
  • Colors

    White, tinted or painted
  • Guarantee

    5-year warranty
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More about this product

StarSilent Acoustical Plaster System consists of acoustical panels manufactured from recycled crushed glass finished with a thin, two-coat acoustical plaster finish applied by hand using a spray. The system can be installed on ceilings, walls, and other interior features for jointless areas of up to 1800 square feet

This environmentally friendly product allows designers to utilize a seamless, gypsum board look with sound absorbing qualities. It is utilized in many configurations where gypsum board is typically utilized and can be used on curved surfaces of any radius, as well as on compound curves.

Acoustic Performance

The StarSilent Acoustical System is mounted with an air gap to maximize sound absorbing performance. The gap can be as little as 3/8 inch (where ceiling heights need to be preserved) to 3 5/8 inches for wall assemblies or greater. The acoustical performance is typically an NRC = 0.55 to 0.90.

Physical Performance

Pyrok StarSilent boasts an average compressive strength of over 200psi (ASTM E 761) which cannot be matched by plaster products using a fiberglass base for sound absorption. This makes StarSilent suitable for contact walls and low ceilings. StarSilent has a light reflectance value greater than 90 when tested to ASTM E 1477.


The StarSilent panel is a sound absorbing panel that is made up of post-consumer, recycled, crushed glass bottles and coated with sound permeable plasters.

Framing systems

The StarSilent system utilizes the following framing systems:

  • 1 1/2 inches cold rolled channel with 7/8 inch hat channel.
  • A T-bar grid system, preferably an exterior stucco/plaster T-bar grid system.
  • Metal stud or wood framing
StarSilent Sound panels

Composed of up to 96% post-consumer, recycled crushed glass bottles.

  • StarSilent Panel
    With thicknesses of 10mm, 15mm, and 25mm.
  • StarSilent Cool
    The StarSilent panel incorporates room cooling and heating.
StarSilent Base Plaster Acoustic fiber-free plaster, composed of 50% recycled marble aggregate.
  • StarSilent Base Coat Plaster
    This is the first coat of plaster that is hand applied over the StarSilent panels. It is slightly coarser than the StarSilent Finish plaster. A second layer of Base Coat plaster can be left as the finish if this level of finish is desired.
StarSilent Plaster Finish The StarSilent plaster finishes can be tinted to a wide range of colors or painted.
  • The StarSilent Finish plaster is hand applied to a smooth finish. Specify StarSilent “smooth” when a gypsum board look is desired.
  • StarSilent Superfine Plaster

    This plaster is spray applied to a light superfine texture that when applied at heights above 18 feet appears smooth. When this finish is desired, specify StarSilent “superfine”.

StarSilent Fixings etc.
  • StarSilent Fix
    The StarSilent Fix adhesive is used to glue the edges of the StarSilent panels together, and to spread over the screw heads that fasten the panels to the framing. The Fix is also used to embed edge trims, corner trims, reveal trims, and ceiling accessories.
  • StarSilent Plan
    The StarSilent Plan is used for the StarSilent Superfine system, which is spray applied. The Plan is used to mud the screw heads, and a light coat is applied over the StarSilent Fix on the panel joints.

  1. Galvanized steel suspended ceiling grid -Other types of framing systems are also used with the StarSilent System
  2. StarSilent Panel
  3. Zinc coated drywall screws
  4. Acoustically transparent base coat plaster
  5. Acoustically transparent smooth plaster finish

Not Shown: rigid vertical framing


1. StarSilent boards are to be mechanically fastened to a rigid framing system with zinc coated drywall screws. The boards are installed in a staggered pattern and are joined together with StarSilent Adhesive.

StarSilent - Acoustical plaster system

Once the boards are installed and lightly sanded, the StarSilent base coat can be installed.

StarSilent - Acoustical plaster system

Finally, the finish coat plaster can be installed.

StarSilent - Acoustical plaster system
*The StarSilent Adhesive requires overnight drying and the StarSilent Base requires 36 hours dry time before the StarSilent Finish coat can be applied.

The plaster can then be painted, paint must be spray applied in 2 light coats from a distance of 24 inches.

*The StarSilent panels may only be installed after establishing the appropriate equilibrium humidity and temperature in the room. Minimum temperatures should be maintained at 50 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.


  • No gypsum board substrate is required: If there is ever water infiltration from above the StarSilent System, the only damage will be to the StarSilent finish plaster. Systems using a gypsum board substrate will have to remove the entire system as well as all the damaged gypsum board. The structural integrity of the system is not compromised by the lack of gypsum board in the assembly.
  • It can be used on contact walls.
  • The recycled glass StarSilent panels provide a sturdy surface resistant to modest damage.
  • The StarSilent plasters are spread over the rigid StarSilent panel so the levelness of the finish is superior to other systems, where the plasters are troweled over resilient fiberglass panels.
  • It can be painted without loss of its sound absorbing quality.
  • It has extremely low VOC content (almost zero) and the highest percentage of recycled content of any smooth, seamless, acoustic plaster system.
  • It can be integrated with a radiant heating and cooling system.
  • It is installer friendly.
  • It has the highest compressive strength of any smooth acoustic plaster system. Higher compressive strength means higher durability.
  • Easiest system to patch and repair.
  • If required, Pyrok, will send an experienced technician to the project to assist or accomplish difficult repairs.
  • As the product is detailed in a similar manner as gypsum boards for trimless lights, trimless diffusers, and access panels, the architectural details are simpler and the field execution superior.
  • StarSilent has the thinnest assembly thickness of any acoustic plaster system. A benefit of this is the ease of mounting artwork or accessories through it on ceilings and wall applications.
  • Less cost and quicker install time than other systems, as gypsum board is not required, and drying times for the plasters are very short.
  • Pyrok is present on site to assist its installers with their installations.

Further Information

The Pyrok StarSilent System is detailed in a similar way to gypsum board. The use of L beads, corner beads, control joints and reveals are used to create details that are commonly used or details that are specific to one’s project.

In all cases, it is important that the StarSilent ceiling framing is not mechanically fastened to the wall to prevent cracking in the acoustic plaster due to building settlement and movement in walls and ceilings.

Installing a slight perimeter gap between the ceiling and wall also allows for pressure equalization when a ceiling plenum is used for return air.

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