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Sandwich Panels | Ruukki

  • Use

    Façades, roofs, partition walls, ceilings
  • Applications

    Industrial, commercial, sports halls, warehouses, power plants
  • Characteristics

    Cost-efficient, prefabricated, inner insulation core: mineral wool or PIR.deliveries, two color-coated steel sheet layers

More about this product

Ruukki® Sandwich Panels are cost-efficient prefabricated elements that consist of an inner insulation core between two color-coated steel sheet layers. The insulating core can be mineral wool or PIR.
Ruukki® Sandwich Panels are used in façades, roofs, partition walls and ceilings. The most typical applications include industrial and commercial buildings, sports halls, warehouses and power plants. The panels are also suitable for food industry construction.

Sandwich Panel Types

Ruukki® Energy Panels A comprehensive façade solution that reduces a building’s energy costs with excellent energy efficiency.
Ruukki® Life Panels Ruukki's most sustainable sandwich panels. They are developed by optimizing all factors, from using materials to recycling to minimize environmental impact.
Cold Storage Panels

Cold storage panel system offers low running costs and a high level of hygiene.

Other Panels Ruukki's basic panel portfolio offers a wide range of high-quality products for cost-efficient construction.

Other Panel Portfolios:

Ruukki® Sandwich Panels are available with both standard and hidden fix options, and with both PIR and mineral wool insulation.

In addition to the Ruukki® Sandwich Panels, Ruukki offers a wide range of accessories and tools needed for their installation. Ruukki also provides a comprehensive selection of professional services and full technical support.

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