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Façade System - Forma™ | Ruukki

  • Use

    Exterior façades
  • Applications

    Panel walls
  • Characteristics

    Customizable size, shape, and colors; high airtightness at base, energy efficient, recycled materials, quick installation

More about this product

Ruukki Forma is a complete exterior wall system, combining Ruukki façade cladding products with the Ruukki® Energy Panel System. Ruukki Forma provides a wide range of aesthetic shape, material and color options for the simple and efficient sandwich panel exterior walls. High airtightness of the base structure - the Ruukki® Energy Panel System - can generate up to 30% savings in a building’s energy costs, and improve its energy class.

The base structure is also available in the highly sustainable Ruukki® Life Energy Panel version, with approximately 80% recycled material content.

The Ruukki Forma all-inclusive delivery provides all required components for a complete wall installation.

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