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Gira HomeServer app - Home automation | GIRA
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Gira HomeServer app - Home automation | GIRA

  • Use

    Home automation
  • Applications

    Mobile app
  • Characteristics

    Intuitive navigation, room list, single-room temperature control, analysis graphs, status messages, room function overviews, camera images, weather data
  • Format

    Mobile app
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More about this product

On the way to work, on holiday or in the garden. The Gira HomeServer app enables intelligent building technology to be operated from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and all Android-based mobile devices. The free app for controlling the Gira HomeServer and the KNX installation in the building features the uniform Gira Interface design.

Users can quickly find their way around the intuitive user menu including while on the move. Simple access to all control functions is possible regardless of location, and the entire intelligent building technology is always kept in view.

The display can be horizontal or vertical and can be modified by rotating the device. Up to four profiles can be set up in user administration, e.g. for use at home and while on the move. The Gira HomeServer/FacilityServer app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app variant for the iPad is also available in HD resolution.


  • Main menu with an overview of all building functions
    The main menu displays all building functions at a glance. The date, time, current temperature and active functions are shown in the status bar. The bottom navigation bar enables you to return to the main menu at any time.
  • Display of all rooms in a room list
    All of a building's rooms are arranged by floors and displayed in the room list. Touching a list item opens an overview of all applications installed in the room.
  • An overview of all functions of a room
    All devices in a room and their statuses can be seen at a glance. Lights can be switched on or off, for example, or blinds raised and lowered at the touch of a finger.
  • Single-room temperature control in a pop-up menu
    For more complex functions such as heating control, a pop-up menu opens up via the room view, and settings can be entered there.
  • Timer for room functions
    If the device is rotated by 90°, the landscape mode automatically opens an expanded view of the timer functions. The timer makes a range of filter functions available that allow functions to be adapted to personal requirements. Random values are also possible.
  • Graphs for the recording and analysis of consumption
    The recording and analysis of consumption data functions with the aid of graphs. Various values can be displayed according to year, month, day and hour. If the device is rotated by 90°, the graph that was last active is shown in landscape mode and can clearly depict temperature differences, for example, via multi-touch.
  • Messages, measurements and statuses in the message list
    The message lists display alarm messages, measurement values and statuses of devices and contacts integrated into the system.
  • Display of current weather data
    The data from a weather station can be read while on the move, including, for example, the wind speed, precipitation and temperatures. In addition, the water level of cisterns or the energy generation of photovoltaic systems can be viewed. For example, if a storm is forecast, you can take precautions while still in the office by lowering the blinds or closing the windows to prevent building damage.
  • Calling up camera images while on the move
    See who is in the garden or at the gate in one operational step; the camera's view of the grounds can be called up when you're on the move using the app.

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