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Suspended Ceilings - Eurospan ceiling system | Owens Corning

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Now virtually any wall or ceiling can have outstanding acoustical performance, without
the traditional look of fabric-covered panels. The Eurospan System is an innovative concept in acoustical interiors.

Eurospan System is a complete acoustical system consisting of four elements:

- High-performance integrated glass fiber core with a white matte face covering

- Unique Eurospan System tensioning track arranged around the perimeter of the acoustical core

- Eurospan System acoustically-transparent textile, stretched over areas 16’ wide and held by the track

- System installation by certified Eurospan System professionals

The result is a monolithic surface with outstanding acoustical properties. Eurospan System merges unobtrusively with the interior design just as it blends perfectly with the architect’s imagination and the building owner’s needs.

With Eurospan System, architects can design effective acoustic treatment into any space without compromising their creativity. Flat, domed or coffered ceilings, custom floating clouds or high walls in any commercial or institutional environment are perfectly suited for Eurospan System. Spaces of 16’ x 40’ or more can be covered seamlessly. Larger areas can be seamed almost invisibly or, if desired, reveals can be specified to highlight edges.

Behind the acoustically-transparent textile, 1” to 2” thick glass fiber core panels have an NRC rating up to 1.00. Plus, because the textile is acoustically transparent, speakers can be cleverly hidden from view without inhibiting sound clarity. Of course, the Eurospan System has a Class 1 rating and meets or exceeds fire hazard classification 25/50 in accordance with ASTM E84. Eurospan textile has a 0 flame-spread and 5 smoke-developed rating. The standard white textile also has a light reflectance of .75 to .80.

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