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From an antique tradition, skilled master glassworkers in their workshops blow and shape fiery masses of glass with ancient tools, becoming the creators of refined beauty and the guardians of precious secrets. Valcucine nurtures thisbeauty culture with products having original shapes that are integrated with the recovery of local handicraft traditions and continuous research into innovative technologies and materials.

Artematica Vitrum interprets the quality of one of the most fascinating and ecological materials ever created by Man: glass. Just like skillful glassworkers used to look for metaphysical properties in the purest and most perfect mass of glass, Valcucine has designed Artematica Vitrum with extreme care down to the smallest of detail.

In Valcucine, beauty is the result of a harmonious synthesis of design, functionality and evironmental-friendliness. The full-extension jumbo drawers have runners designed to bear heavy loads. They can be fitted with natural wood accessories designed to divide the space available and acommodate kitchen utensils.

To increase the resistance and durability of the worktop, Valcucine has perfected a new glass treatment that, thanks to nanotechnology, applies carbon molecules to the glass surface. Thanks to this treatment, the glass becomes almost as hard as a diamond and easier to clean because the surface is less porous.

The new Island hood has been designed to have a funcionality that is equal to a wall-hung hood although it is installed in the moddle of the room. It is made from a steel extracting body and completed by a frost glass and a vertical one that contains and conveys vapours and odors. The transparency of the glass transmits a sense of freedom and of extreme visibility throughout the kitchen.

The equipped back section is designed to contain various accessories used to work in the kitchen. It is available in aluminium or in stainless steel, fitted against the wall or used in an island in the middle of the room. Inside it there is a space for water and electric connections, giving you the freedom to install the sink and the hob away from water and gas supply outlets.

Respect for Nature and for the health of man has introduced Valcucine to use cycles of water-based paint for its lacquered glass doors. These reduce the presence of synthetic solvents and completely eliminate the ones that are considered to be extremely carcinogeous.

At the time the available colors of the Smeg's hobs matching Valcucine's worktop are: cement opaque, matte canvas and matte black chalkboard.

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