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Pendant Lights - Flamingo | Vibia North America

  • Use

  • Applications

    Residential, hotels and restaurants, offices
  • Characteristics

    5.6W, spot light, LED, customizable
  • Colors

    Matte graphite lacquer, matte gold and matte white lacquer
  • Certification

    IP20, CE, LED, Multivolt

More about this product

Flamingo is a collection of pendant lights designed by Antoni Arola for Vibia to provide an ambient light through a thermoplastic translucent diffuser which acts like a spotlight due to its LED light source. The collection won several design-awards in 2016 and 2017.

By separating the light source from the diffuser, which is configured by a series of independent conical rings supported by fine metal wires, the Flamingo lamp provides an ambient indirect light for living spaces or a more focused task light over dining tables or other surfaces.

Vibia manufactures the Flamingo lamp in a variety of models as part of the same concept so that the user can select the fitting that is most appropriate to their décor. It can be easily modified to provide radically different sculptural forms and lighting effects:

  • The LED light sources can be located in different positions
  • The source can be focused upwards or downwards
  • More or less conical rings can be included
  • The rings can face upwards or downwards
  • The spacing between the rings and the light source can be changed


  • Dimmer on the cable
  • 2x LED 5,6W 500mA
  • Gross weight: 8.7

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