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Anti Skid Flooring | Diamond Metal Screens

  • Use

  • Applications

    Commercial, Industrial, Transportation, Corporate
  • Characteristics

    High resistance to environmental elements, ease of assembly, low fabrication cost, structurally strong, high acoustic performance, ease of maintenance, decreases slip and accidents

More about this product

Diamond Metal Screens' stainless steel slipfree plates are ideal for use in:

  • Architecture
  • Construction Sites
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Oil Rigs
  • Railway coaches and other public transports.
  • Loading Bays
  • Ship decks

Diamond Metal Screens ensures a strong foundation while creating customised perforated sheets. The company believes in envisioning and delivering imaginations of designers to the fullest, owing to its state-of-art machinery and manpower resources that relentlessly chase excellence in perforation.

Advantages of perforated metal:

  • High resistance to enviromental elements
  • Low fabrication cost
  • Increases acoustic performance
  • Lightweight
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Physically strong
Perforation Shapes

Round, Square, Conical, Rectangular, Herringbone, Triangular, Hexagonal, Embossed and Diamond.

Materials Stainless Steel, Pre-Galvanised Steel, Copper, Brass, Zinc, Aluminium and CRCA / HR Steel


Perforated metal's functionality in light filtration and air circulation as well as its recyclable attributes make it a sustainable solution for various architectural purposes. This further helps a project earn LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) points. In addition, perforated metal can contain as much as 100% recycled materials while showing no decline in quality compared to non-recyclable materials. It can also significantly reduce energy consumption - a versatile product, perforated metal can be used for exterior shades and sunscreens to filter natural light and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. This reduces the need for HVAC systems to consume more energy than necessary to control indoor temperature.

Diamond Metal Screens AntiSkid Flooring v. Aluminium

Parameter Stainless Steel Series 200/300/400 Aluminium
Yield Strength 515 Mpa 200 Mpa
Hardness Vickers - 275 Vickers - 100
Wear and tear Very low because of high rigidity, hardness and abrasion resistance Very high because of low hardness and high ductility
Fixing method Assembly with screws, rivets and welding Assembly with screws and rivets; gets loosened by vibrations
Weldability Very high Low
Equivalent thickness of SS compared to Al. (wt in Kgs/

0.8mm (6.2kg/mm2)

1mm (7.8kg/mm2)

1.25mm (9.75kg/mm2)

2mm (5.4kg/mm2)

3mm (8.1kg/mm2)

4mm (10.8kg/mm2)

Corrosion resistance Very high Low

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