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Miena Washbasin Bowl | Kaldewei

  • Use

  • Applications

    Single washbasins
  • Characteristics

    Fine-edged, enameled waste cover
  • Colors

    Classic bathroom colors and Kaldewei Coordinated Colors Collection

More about this product

The Kaldewei Miena is a fine-edged washbasin, making it look filigree, even fragile. Part of their charm is that this delicacy of appearance belies the robustness lent to them by the single layer Kaldewei steel enamel they are made from. The washbasin bowls designed by Anke Salomon are available in round and rectangular versions, both in two different sizes. Their fluid lines lend the Miena washbasins a remarkable lightness while the distinctive properties of steel enamel heighten the impression of flawless purity still further. The new washbasin bowls can be placed at will on a support plate or console, so are not subject to the dimensions of the bathroom furniture.

Anke Salomon made the highly visual design to possess a special, emotional aesthetic since they are made to sit on top of a piece of furniture. They are not too polarising so that they work with other bathroom products and leave creative scope for a wide range of different architectural designs. The minimalist design is echoed in virtually every Kaldewei product as is the enameled waste cover meaning they can be combined with a wide range of bathtubs and enameled shower surfaces for a 'perfect match'.

The special feature of the Miena washbasin bowls is the way they successfully combine scale and fine-edged delicate flowing lines. Because of this striking contrast, it was important to pare down the formal design in order to develop a harmonious, benign product. The design is based on clean-lined, timeless basic geometrical shapes that have been easily freed from pure geometry in a natural, fluid way. Quiet yet special.

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