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Murals: Fuse | Mosa

  • Use

    Wall Cladding
  • Applications

    Residential, Commercial, Restaurants, Hotels, Corporative
  • Characteristics

    Available in multiple colors, formats and sizes, easy to combine, aesthetically appealing

More about this product

Mosa presents its new series of ceramic tiles, Murals. Consisting on four models- Blend, Fuse, Change and Lines, the models draw on the same principles, and at the same time are clearly distinct. This dynamic wall tiles collection comprises layers of carefully composed colours, formats, finishes, and textures, designed to coexist in harmony.



Murals Fuse tiles are designed to give the impression of subtly changing their appearance. Fuse produces a fluid and animated effect, which means that each composition can integrate smoothly into its surroundings. Each tile has a soft colour gradation, and the use of different tone variations almost imperceptibly create the illusion of movement. Fuse offers a choice from a range of colours and tile formats.

Mosa Pattern Generator

Mosa’s Pattern Generator is a device to create design variations for ceramic surfaces. Once a pattern is chosen, this handy tool calculates the exact number of tiles required. It also automatically generates a working drawing with instructions for the tiler. Freely available online, the Pattern Generator offers a range of formats, grids, textures, and colours. It can also export the design to 2D and 3D software ensuring a smooth design process.

To use the Pattern Generator, click here.

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