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Green Facades | Jakob
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Green Facades | Jakob

  • Use

    Interior and exterior
  • Applications

    Walls, facades, columns, interior and exterior spaces, enclosures and virtual divisions
  • Characteristics

    Low-maintenance, improves air quality, temperature control, noise reduction

More about this product

Jakob Green façades is a wall system, where climbing plants or cascading groundcovers are trained to cover specially designed supporting structures. The climbing plants are divided into self-supporting plants like root climbers or adhesive-suckers, and plants that need supporting structure, like twining vines, leaf-stem climbers, leaf climbers, or scrambling plants.

The GreenSolutions range consists of three categories that meet the differences of greening projects according to their size, complexity and demands

  • Modular greening systems
  • Complete set GreenKit
  • Customized solutions

Customized solutions

Jakob Green Facades - Stücki shopping center, Basel - Diener & Diener

Comprehensive products and services for large scale greening projects such as green walls or green skyscrapers. Jakob will plan and design the support structure, supply the stainless steel cables and meshes and ensure professional installation and maintenance.


Jakob Green Facades - Stücki shopping center, Basel - Diener & Diener

A light construction with an appealing design suitable for all types of climbers. The modular system can be adapted to the scale of your project. It offers very high-quality parts and much flexibility in design at very low costs. GreenGuide can be installed as a single cable or turned into a trellis of any size with the help of horizontal bars. GreenGuide is available as complete sets including the necessary spacers and assembly parts. The length of the cable assemblies can be chosen freely.


Jakob Green Facades - Stücki shopping center, Basel - Diener & Diener

A modular trellis system adapted for partial and large-size greenings, especially on concrete walls. A horizontal bar combines vertical cables and offers higher stability and easier installation. Grids can be created according to project needs and plant requirements. A security mechanism protects the cables and the carrying structure from overload from too much plant weight, wind, snow or other loads.


Jakob Green Facades - Stücki shopping center, Basel - Diener & Diener

The stainless steel wire mesh Webnet is perfect for medium to large greening trellises. With the corresponding spacers and connecting parts, the net forms a modular system that can be easily and efficiently scaled to the size of your project. Cable diameter and mesh aperture are specially adapted to climbing plants and their typical loads on facades.

Webnet is a design solution for dense greening. A dense covering with plants can absorb noise and pollution, combat the urban heat island effect by providing shadow and evaporative cooling while creating a habitat for insects.

Webnet Frames

Jakob Green Facades - Stücki shopping center, Basel - Diener & Diener

Webnet Frames combine the advantages of Webnet for greening with easy installation. Webnet Frames are stainless steel profiles with a pre-installed Webnet. Standard sized Frames are cost-efficient and easy to use, while made to measure Frames fit perfectly to your needs. The Webnet cable diameter and mesh aperture is perfectly adapted to the needs of climbing plants.

By combining Webnet Frames with a plant pot, greening on walls or facades up to three meters are possible. Webnet Frames are perfect for creating smaller greening on individual spots and offer a wide range of design options.

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