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Linvisibile Infinito Hinged Door | Alba | Linvisibile
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Linvisibile Infinito Hinged Door | Alba | Linvisibile

  • Use

    Opening and closing systems, separating spaces
  • Applications

    Retail, office, residential, hospitality
  • Characteristics

    Wide range of finishes, total weight less than 70 kg, hidden hinges and the absence of frames and jambs
  • Sizes

    Width: 700, 800 and 900 mm – Height: 2100 mm

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More about this product

Linvisibile Infinito hinged door is an innovative system that decorates hinged panels in finishes such as glass, laminate, gres porcelain and microcement, available in several different colors, thanks to an aluminum outer frame system compatible with the selected coatings. Any material within a 3mm maximum thickness and a weight below 70 kg can be applied to the hinged door panels. It is also possible to use two different finishes on each side of the door leaf.

Linvisibile partnered with Fabio Fantolino to re-interpret the Infinito Hinged Door with aesthetics and good design to enhance the non-wall-flush side with a color-matching intrados. The result is a refined and exclusive aesthetic fit on the typically less “noble” door front. Both sides of the hinged panel are also decorated with an insert of great aesthetic impact that enhances the product and the surrounding environment.

Like all Linvisibile products, both the Infinito Hinged Door and the version designed by Fabio Fantolino stand out for their hidden hinges and the absence of door frames, thus creating seamless continuity between wall and door, leaving only a visible 2 mm aluminum profile.

Technical features

Linvisibile Alba | Infinito Hinged door is composed of:

  • An extruded aluminum frame (EN AW 6060 alloy – Anticorodal 063) that replaces the frame (outer frame-posts) and adapts to walls and plasterboard walls with different thickness, ready to house hinges and locks;
  • A 50 mm thick panel, consisting of an internal structure of honeycomb panels, a perimeter frame made from natural chemical oxidized extruded aluminum applied along the perimeter to the panel with a fixing system with square angles and a liner of the pre-selected base layer material, 3 mm thick (laminate, fiberglass, methacrylate) 4 mm (glass), applied on both faces.


    The honeycomb panels are coated with HPL laminate panels, 3 mm thick, film-coated, (see Abet collection). They are high-pressed panels complying with EN 438 European standard and ISO 4586 international standard. The decorative laminate surfaces are resistant to solvents and chemical products. Surface and edges are easy to disinfect using boiling water, steam and all kinds of disinfectants; they are not affected by corrosion and require no additional surface protection (such as enamels or paints). Available in a wide variety of colors.
    Retro-lacquered tempered clear float glass, 4 mm thick, which can be made in the range of RAL colors, with 1 mm beveling.
    The MDF-based panel is arranged to apply microcement (not supplied) up to 8/10 mm thick, in order to allow accurate shaving as delimited by a perimeter frame. This allows compensating any bucking effects caused by the dynamics inherent to the material.
    Application of 3 mm-thick stoneware plate with fiberglass netting, which ensures high flexibility and safety.


  • Standard version: Width 700, 800 and 900 mm – height 2100 mm
  • Custom version: Width 700, 800 and 900 mm – height: between 2110 and 3000 mm (single leaf).

Peculiar technical details

  • The frame can be produced without the header
  • Panel can be prepared for the introduction of mirror or glass
  • A concealed door closure can be included
  • It is possible to apply different finishes on the two sides of a leaf
  • The outer aluminum profile can be finished in the same color as the panel

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