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EX2 Compact plastic laminate | Lamitech
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EX2 Compact plastic laminate | Lamitech

  • Use

    Outdoor surfaces
  • Applications

    Outdoor public spaces
  • Characteristics

    100% thermostable plastic, easy to clean, protection against discoloration, easy to install, high impact resistance and chemical agents
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More about this product

EX2 Compact by Lamitech is a thick and solid high-pressure decorative laminate with antibacterial attribute (anti-fungal and anti-microbial protection) for exterior horizontal application. It is ideal for countertops thanks to its exceptional resistance to scratches, chemicals, impact and sunlight.

EX2 Compact is manufactured with high-tech polymers that give extreme durability, and chemical resistance for exterior use. The core or laminate holder is comprised of thin layers of Kraft paper saturated with phenolic resin. EX2 Compact is ideal for tabletops used in public areas such as food courts, cafes and restaurant chains, in outdoor environments.


  • 100% thermostable plastic, does not suffer corrosion on the outside.
  • Chemical composition and monolithic structure is not attacked by fungi, bacteria, pests, termite.
  • Easy to clean. Anti-graffiti composition minimizes soiling.
  • UV protection prevents discoloration due to sunlight exposure.
    Protection against polymer oxidation or degradation.
  • Easy and safe to install.
  • High impact resistance, moisture, dimensional stability and exceptional scratch resistance.
  • High resistance to chemicals such as alkalis, acids and strong oxidizers. Excellent behavior against acid rain and polluting agents typical of the weather.
  • Good thermal and acoustic insulation properties.
  • Fire retardant.
  • Flexible design. Wide range of designs and colors available.

Colors & Finishes

Its eight approved references are offered in matte finish (not post-forming).

White 2134M (*) Vanilla 2109M Polar White 2111M Latte 2167M
Cloud 2191M Graphite 2174M Black 2133M (*) Italian Walnut 1513M
Olive Elm 1503M Grey Oak 1829M Larice Espresso 1492M Natural Elm 1499M (*)
Provincial Oak 1501M (*) Industrial Concrete 3127M


  • 1220 x 2440 mm and 1220 x 3060 mm (*)
  • 1500 x 2440 mm and 1500 x 3660 mm

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