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ChemLam plastic laminate | Lamitech
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ChemLam plastic laminate | Lamitech

  • Use

    Surfaces with strong acid resistance
  • Applications

    Health sector, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, hospitals and clinics, food industry, maintenance rooms
  • Characteristics

    Extreme working conditions, scratch resistance, free of porosity, resistant to moisture, resistant to hot objects

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More about this product

ChemLam by Lamitech is a high-pressure laminate manufactured with high-end thermostable technology melamine resin, special decorative papers and Kraft papers with phenolic resin which forms the laminate support for surfaces that are exposed to the most stringent and demanding applications.

Due to its electron beam technology, ChemLam has an excellent performance in corrosive environments and resistance to scratching and staining. ChemLam is the ideal surface for extreme working conditions against acids, salts, pigments, organic solvents and many other agents that do not alter its surface according to European Standard EN-438.

Ideal for applications in the health sector, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, hospitals and clinics that use and manipulate cleaners, disinfectants or strong chemicals. Similarly, in the food industry, food processing plants, industrial kitchens, oxidizing environments, and maintenance rooms.


  • Extreme working conditions: against acids, salts, pigments, organic solvents and many other agents that do not alter its surface.
  • Matte finish
  • Not post-formable
  • Resistance to scratching and staining.
  • Free of porosity, allowing easy cleaning and preventing the growth of bacteria and bacteria.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Resistant to hot objects (up to 135ºC).


Thickness: From 2/64” to 1” (2 mm to 25 mm), one-sided, two-sided, brown or black core. Similar thicknesses can be manufactured upon request.


  • 4 ́ x 8 ́ and 4 ́ x 10 ́ ( 1.22 x 2.44 m and 1.22 x 3.06 m)
  • 4,92 ́ x 8 ́ and 4,92 ́ x 12 ́ (1.50 x 2.44 m and 1.50 x 3.66 m)

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