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Compact Laminate Facade PANELEX | Lamitech
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Compact Laminate Facade PANELEX | Lamitech

  • Use

    Cladding facades
  • Applications

    Commercial, residential, offices, institutional, healthcare
  • Characteristics

    Thermoset architectural panel, structural integrity, high impact resistance, flexible design, easy to install
  • Sizes

    4x8 ft - 4x10 ft - 5x8 ft - 5x12 ft
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More about this product

PANELEX by Lamitech is used as a compact laminate cladding on floating and ventilated facades. It is offered in a wide range of colors and designs, a variety of sizes and thicknesses, guaranteeing an excellent appearance of the project for a long time.

It is an ideal material for facades where efficient control of the interior temperature is required. Subjected to exterior environmental conditions, PANELEX presents a high resistance to the attack of pollutants, solar rays, ultraviolet radiation, strong temperature changes, extreme cold, and water. PANELEX provides great control over acoustics, saves energy and facilitates maintenance.


  • 100% thermostable, non-porous, waterproof, suffers no corrosion or discoloration due to outdoor exposure, ensuring a good appearance over time.
  • Protection against UV fading from sunlight.
  • It does not suffer from pest attacks or allows the growth of bacteria.
  • Structural integrity constituted as a monolithic element.
  • High impact resistance, ideal for use in high user traffic zones, even in sports centers.
  • Acts independently as a thermal and acoustic insulator.
  • Independent fixings from the main structure of the building allow greater control of the facade movement.
  • Flexible design. Extensive modulation possibilities.
  • Easy to install and secure.

Design Options

PANELEX is offered in three different versions, which adapt to the requirements of each project:

  1. UV radiation resistance, which offers optimal performance against the elements, applied to facades.
  2. UV Radiation Resistant and Anti-graffiti. Produced with an additional non-stick quality that facilitates all types of paint removal, often used in graffiti paintings.
  3. With anti-graffiti UV filter on the surface and the standard UV filter on the backrest. An excellent solution for facades that require an antigraffiti quality with only one of the sides with special woodgrain or granite design.

Colors and Finishes

PANELEX has more than 100 possibilities in solid colors, wood patterns, and designs, with UV filters that ensure the stability of their appearance. Its sealed surface has nonstick properties, which prevent dirt accumulation and facilitate cleaning.

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