Urban Lights - DUNE LEDs | Lamp
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Urban Lights - DUNE LEDs | Lamp

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The new urban luminarie DUNE LEDs, because of its fantastic technical features and organic reduced design, is capable of integrating perfectly into space without standing against the wind. It is ideal for pedestrian and urban streets, about 4 to 8 m high.

The new LAMPs urban luminaire IP66 is fitted with high-power LEDs and lenses that provide street photometric curve lighting. The 4 models have 48 LEDs with a color temperature of 4650oK (neutral white); 2 of them of 350mA available in class I and class II, and the other 2 of 700mA also available in both classes.

One of its most relevant DUNE LEDs features is that it has a heat sink that guarantees an optimal low operating temperature, which guarantees a long useful life and a good luminous flux of the LEDs. There is also a drain in the heat sink to prevent foreign objects from obstructing the cooling fins.

DUNE LEDs is a luminaire that contains a hinge joint that enables great flexibility to adapt to any type of column or post, without needing an additional adapter. Thanks to its LED technology, DUNE LEDs has a long useful life, is efficient, does not emit light pollution, is environmentally-friendly and emits even and comfortable light.

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