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Elevators | Brembo Ascensori - The Elevator Company

  • Use

  • Applications

    Residential, commercial, hospitality, corporate, cultural
  • Characteristics

    Customized finishes, electronic or hydraulic elevators

More about this product

Brembo Ascensori presents its elevators available in a wide range of possible finishes.

Various Elevator

Whether hydraulic or electric elevators, Brembo's various types of stainless steel, wood, and many more finishes enable a high degree flexibility and customization to meet the distinctive tastes and needs of their customers. Cabin and doors can be cladded in many different materials.

Hydraulic Elevators


  • Strong, safe and reliable.
  • Can be installed for up to 6/8 floors.
  • No load limit
  • Can be installed for big industries for heavy and voluminous goods.
  • Mobilization of cars and trailer trucks possible.
  • Low maintenance

Eletric Elevator


  • Silent and fast.
  • Especially for taller and high traffic buildings, where speed and low consumption are very important.
  • Standard speed: 1,6 m/sec, but much higher speed possible.
  • No need for a machine room; can installed in new and old buildings.
  • Brembo's range of product has electric elevator working at 220 Volts.

For more detailed information, please visit Brembo Ascensori's website.

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