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Wine Bar 8.0 | EuroCave

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    Innovative air vacuum system, 8 bottle capacity plus 6 spare, 2 temperature

More about this product

EuroCave's Wine Bar 8.0 keeps bottles at an ideal tasting temperature and showcases your selection of wines by the glass thanks to its clean, contemporary design. Wine Bar 8.0 offers practical solution that holds up to 8 bottles ready for use and 6 spare bottles at two preset temperatures.

EuroCave wine by the glass solution keeps opened bottles without altering their organoleptic qualities thanks to the innovative air vacuum system ACTIV PROTECT, patented by EuroCave Professional, that protects wine from oxidation up to 10 days after opening.


Technical Characteristics

Function: Wine by the glass solution - Bring to serving temperature & preserve open bottles
Temperature: 6 - 18 ° C
Dimensions: 602 x 1076 x 460 mm
Bottle capacity: 8 bottles ready for use and 6 spare bottles
Type of door: Double glass door
Color: Nero
Weight: 85 kg

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