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Walkover / Wall Recessed - Nanoled Stainless Steel | SIMES

  • Use

    Outdoor lighting
  • Applications

    Residential, retaill, hospitality, cultural, corporate, educational, healthcare, urban
  • Characteristics

    Body made of AISI 316L monoblock stainless steel, toughened transparent or acid-etched, glass (walkover versions), transparent with asymmetric reflector (wall recessed), luminaire hard-wired with neoprene cable 5m with cable gland, absence of screws (the luminaire is fixed to the recessing box with OR rings), recessing box in polypropylene

More about this product

SIMES' Nanoled Stainless Steel is a walk-over in-ground luminaire providing either well-defined accent lighting or evocative markers. The main feature of this in-ground luminaire is its extremely reduced dimensions (45 and 60 mm in the two versions). This allows the body of the fixture to be housed and concealed inside the recess box that completely disappears in the architecture leaving only the light effect in full view and highlighting a complete project.


The recessed spots can be easily installed in diverse applications, such as gardens, external paving, public spaces, paths, pedestrian areas, pools, and wellness. In order to withstand the very different climatic and environmental applications, it is fundamental to guarantee adequate resistance to corrosion, IP rating, and diverse ambient temperature conditions. The choice of SIMES for its Nanoled product range was obligatory: manufacture fixtures in stainless steel grade 316L from a single block and take advantage of the characteristics of this material to guarantee solidity and lifetime in the most extreme applications.


This type of application is particularly suitable in both outdoor but also indoor areas such as swimming pools, spas, and spaces dedicated to relaxation where the quality of light combined with the necessity to provide a fixture resistant to high levels of humidity or aggressive chlorine environments are essential. The Nano spots are also ideal in public applications where more functional or even decorative lighting is required together with a high degree of resistance against acts of vandalism, impact and harsh weather conditions.

Ground recessed

The recessed Nano spots can be installed into the ground flush to the surface and project the light upwards; they can light up paths or utilized as signal lighting through a pedestrian area indicating eventual obstacles but their function is not only to warn us of uneven ground or possible interruptions. If installed next to walls or textured surfaces they can highlight the material finish by creating emotional contrasts and impact through grazing effects. Their application in outdoor private residential projects is very interesting as you can obtain incredible effects on surfaces up to 5m in height with minimal energy consumption and visual impact.

Wall recessed

The Nano range can also be wall recessed. Using a specific recess box, they can be installed in the lower end of a wall so to create signal lighting effects and illuminate walking areas, paths or even stairs. The light distribution will be horizontal but thanks to specific asymmetric optics the light will be directed only where needed and avoid unnecessary dispersion or glare.

Ceiling recessed

By installing such nano light spots in the ceiling, you can easily enhance a living space by detailing certain areas or objects of significant importance and highlighting certain aspects in a specific context. You can create specific atmospheres through soft ambient lighting or through a sequence of light points or grazing effects.

Wide selection of beam angles

Wide, medium or narrow beams create very different effects and are able to highlight architectural details in different ways. To emphasize a specific object from its surrounding context or accentuate surface textures. The Nanoled range offers a wide selection of beam angles that can satisfy almost all project application requirements.

Walkover / Wall Recessed - Nanoled Stainless Steel

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