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Wall Effect - Nanoled Frame | SIMES

  • Use

    Outdoor lighting
  • Applications

    Residential, retaill, hospitality, cultural, corporate, educational, healthcare, urban
  • Characteristics

    Body made of AISI 316L monoblock stainless steel, protruding shaped glass diffuser, luminaire hard-wired with neoprene cable 5m with cable gland, absence of screws (the luminaire is fixed to the recessing box through clips), supplied with recessing box

More about this product

Recessed mounted accent lighting

SIMES' Nanoled Frame creates uniform light on the outer edge of windows, niches, openings changing them into striking luminous volumes. Its wide beam of 120° produces charming light effects on residential, public, historical and artistic façades. Nanoled Frame is a recessed fitting that can be totally integrated into the architecture and it has an extremely reduced size: the projecting part of only 15mm is a small shaped glass cap.


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