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Wine Dispenser - Vin au Verre 8.0 | EuroCave

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    Maintains wine at correct serving temperature, offers control over service, touch screen allows management of tasks, automated cleaning

More about this product

EuroCave wine dispenser Vin au Verre 8.0 offers design, temperature performance, the ability to control the amount of wine served, preserves 8 open bottles and visualize sales achieved, all easily managed thanks to the unique touch screen.


  • Capacity: 8 open bottles and 6 – 8 spare bottles depending on sizes. Possibility of storing 2 Magnums per compartment.
  • Maintains wine at correct serving temperature: 2 temperature compartments which can be set independently (6-15°C and 9-18°C) for white and red wine.
  • Preservation of 8 open bottles: 3 weeks, by nitrogen.
  • Control over service: 3 volumes per tap which can be set independently. The screen indicates the volume remaining in each bottle in real time.
  • Touch screen for management tasks: Settings, tutorials and statistics
  • Fast service: Bottles changed in less than 10 seconds
  • Automated cleaning: 8 taps simultaneously
  • Modern design: Suspended bottles, lighting of compartments and taps
  • Customisation: 5 colours available


Technical Characteristics

Function: Wine dispenser - Bring to serving temperature & preserve open bottles
Temperature: 6-15°C on the left side / 9-18°C on the right side
Dimensions: 735 x 1035 x 585 mm
Bottle capacity: 8 bottles to serve + 6 to 8 bottles in store
Door type: Full Glass
Color: Black
Weight: 85 kg

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