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Wine Cabinets - ShowCave | EuroCave

  • Use

    Storage / Service wine cabinet
  • Applications

    Residential, hospitality
  • Characteristics

    Ideal ventilation, constant temperature, suitable humidity levels, maximum protection from UV rays, protection from vibrations

More about this product

From EuroCave Professional's Series 9000 range, ShowCave wine cabinet presents itself as a decorative element creating a unique ambiance where wine can be stored, or which can be transformed into a wine serving cabinet. Thanks to its modular storage, the layout can be customized to suit any storage requirements.

The advantages of the Series 9000 range - ShowCave

By combining luxury, high-quality materials, EuroCave's ShowCave has reinvented the wine cabinet. It is devised and designed as a display case, to protect the finest wines whilst displaying them to maximum effect. Indeed, LEDs placed along the walls diffuse soft, amber lighting which dramatically displays the fine wines and catches the eye. A bold combination of decorative element and advanced technology to protect your wines. Flush-fittable with shallow depth, ShowCave will suit all interiors. The assembly possibilities for EuroCave's ShowCave are endless, so give free rein to your imagination and create a unique, personal ambiance.


Technical Characteristics

Function: Single temperature cabinet, for maturing or serving wine
Temperature: 6° - 20°C
Dimensions: 2190 x 1284 x 499 mm
Bottle capacity: 180 bottles
Type of door: 2 Full glass doors
Color: Black Piano color (black tempered glass)
Weight: 270 kg

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