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Glass Rainscreen Systems | Bendheim
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Glass Rainscreen Systems | Bendheim

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    Hospitality, educational, commercial, residential, corporate
  • Characteristics

    Maintenance-friendly, non-porous glass cladding, quick & easy installation, maintenance-friendly
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Bendheim Glass Rainscreen System offers protection from the elements with elegant cladding materials, adding modernity and style to any project. It can be easily attached to the structural walls or floor slabs of a new or old building, creating a protective envelope around it. This provides:

  1. A barrier against rainwater penetration.
  2. An air cavity that dissipates any moisture that may have penetrated.
  3. An air and vapor barrier that prevents any moisture inside the air cavity from penetrating the building enclosure.


  • Aesthetics: Elegant glass over-cladding can completely transform & elevate the appearance of a building
  • Protection: Stops over 90% of wind-driven moisture
  • Durability: Maintenance-friendly, non-porous glass cladding
  • Precision-Engineered: Fully adjustable for quick & easy installation
  • Patented Compression Fittings: No holes required, affording superior wall strength at a lower cost; ideal for PV panels
  • Sustainable Solution for Aging Buildings: Renew a building without the need for costly, wasteful and disruptive demolition
  • Daylighting: First-of-their-kind rainscreen systems allow the use of transparent and translucent decorative glass

Bendheim Glass Rainscreen System is available in various models that offer a variety of colors and surface finishes.

Please find the 3D drawings here.

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