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Channel Glass | Bendheim

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    Wall system for interior and exterior applications
  • Applications

    Hospitality, educational, commercial, residential, corporate
  • Characteristics

    Diffuses light, minimizes glare, large wall spans, high thermal performance, high acoustic performance, minimal framing, self-supporting
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Bendheim Channel Glass is a specialty architectural glass wall system for interior and exterior applications, distinguishable by its signature linear aesthetic. The U-shaped glass channels are self-supporting, standing as tall as 23 feet (7 m) in a relatively lightweight ¼” (7 mm) thickness. They require minimal perimeter framing, creating virtually seamless glass walls that can be hundreds of feet long and can span across elevations.

Channel Glass offers an ideal alternative to traditional flat architectural glass, creating virtually seamless glass walls of tremendous sizes and proportions. Bendheim technical glass products are available in eight decorative surface textures, hundreds of colors, a range of thermal performance coatings, insulation inserts, cast glass and frame systems.


  • Daylighting: Diffuses light & minimizes glare
  • Great Spans: Glass walls of limitless distances vertically or horizontally heights up to 23 ft.
  • Elegance: Glass-to-glass corners & serpentine curves with soft even light
  • Versatility: From facades to interior partitions to lighting
  • Thermal Performance: lightweight energy-efficient interior and exterior applications of U-Value range = 0.49 to 0.19 with no heat gain and offer natural light without the loss of privacy.
  • Acoustic Performance: reaches a sound reduction rating of STC43 (better than 4.5″ batt-insulated stud wall)
  • Seamless: No vertical metal supports required
  • Lightweight: ¼” thick channel glass is easy to handle

Bendheim Channel Glass is available in various models that offer a variety of colors and surface finishes.

Please find the 3D drawings here.

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