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Printed & Fritted Glass | Bendheim

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  • Use

    Exterior/interior: ventilated facades, doors, windows, wall systems
  • Applications

    Hospitality, educational, commercial, residential, corporate
  • Characteristics

    UV-stable, scratch resistant colors, durable, resistant to the elements
  • Sizes

    up to 84 x 165 inches
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More about this product

Bendheim printed and fritted glass is produced by permanently fusing ceramic frits into the glass surface at high temperatures. It is available as tempered safety glass, in hundreds of translucent and opaque hues. printed and fritted glass is ideal for exterior applications.


  • Durable
    Permanently fusing ceramic frits to the glass surface creates colorfast, UV-stable, scratch-resistant colors
  • Versatile
    Can be applied to flat & channel (U-shaped) glass varieties
  • Custom Designs/Colors
    The technique can be used to create custom patterns, designs, prints & graphics with hundreds of translucent & opaque colors available to match your preference
  • Clean Design Lines
    Opaque color strips or various designs can be fritted into the glass to seamlessly create privacy areas
  • Improved resistance
    to wind loads and high temperatures

Colors and Finishes

Bendheim printed and fritted glass is available in various models and a variety of colors and surface finishes:

Lumi Frit™ | Surface 1 Frit Rainscreen Glass, Small Dot + Etch Lumi Frit™ | Surface 1 Frit Glass, Medium Dot Lumi Frit™ | Surface 1 Frit Glass, Large Dot
Ultra White Fritted Rainscreen Glass Black Fritted Rainscreen Glass Grey Fritted Rainscreen Glass
Linear Pattern Fritted Rainscreen Glass Dura-Etch® Fritted Rainscreen Glass Lamberts® Color Fritted Channel Glass | Hundreds of Colors

Speciality Glass - Lumi Frit

Lumi Frit™ Surface 1 fritted glass allows architects to create customized, brilliant white glass facades. Surface one frit is rare because of the technical challenges of producing a colored glass surface that can be exposed to the elements. However, there are numerous benefits:

  • Lumi Frit minimizes reflections, making patterns more pronounced and easier to read from a distance
  • By interrupting continuous reflections, the glass becomes visible to birds, mitigating the risk of accidental bird strikes, especially when the pattern is designed to the 2×4 bird-friendly rule.
  • Surface 1 dot/mesh patterns can be used to project images on the glass facade.

Lumi Frit™ glass is available from Bendheim in a virtually unlimited range of patterns. It is customized to the requirements of each facade project, panel size is determined by the design and wind loads and can reach sizes up to 84 x 165 inches.

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