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Ceiling System - Radians® – Curving Modular Panels | USG Ceilings

  • Use

    Suspension ceiling system
  • Applications

    Retail, corporate, hospitality
  • Characteristics

    Variety of finishes in metal and wood, concealed suspension system and panel sizes to match the visual scale of any space
  • Sizes

    Panel Width: 1’ to 4’, Panel Length: 2’ to 10’

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More about this product

Ceilings Plus Radians® collection of metal and wood ceiling system combines aesthetics with functionality providing sustainable products at affordable prices.

This hydraulically pre-curved integrated ceiling system consisting of four-sided panels, engineered grid, and associated hardware. The ceiling system allows access to the space above at nearly every location. Heavy-Duty torsion spring clip assemblies mounted to the panels allow for complete downward access to the plenum without distorting the panel.

Ceilings Plus Radians® offers exciting finishes, a concealed suspension system and panel sizes to match the visual scale of any space. Key functional requirements include:

  • Optimum acoustics
  • Lightweight for easy handling and reduced load
  • Full accessibility to above-ceiling services
  • Integration with lighting and other ceiling-mounted fixtures
  • Variety of curvatures: Convex, concave, wave and dome.

Technical specifications

Panel Width: 1’ to 4’
Panel Length: 2’ to 10’ (consult for other dimensions)
Curvature: Radius 30” minimum
Access: Torsion spring systems provide individual downward panel access
Light Weight: 1.5 lbs per sf (approx.)
Interior/Exterior: Exterior utilizes positive fasteners for required load
Finishes: Wide variety of wood and metal
No VOC: No added formaldehyde
Aluminum: Up to 85% recycled content
Acoustics: NRC .75 - .95

A variety of round, square, rectangular, and custom perforation patterns are available to meet the project requirements.

Radians’ suspension system is ICC approved in accordance with International Building Code standards for Seismic Categories A, B, C, D, E, and F. Calculations to support slotted grid and “heavy-duty” rating are available upon request.

Fire Class: The panels are made from a non-combustible aluminum core. A thin (less than .025 inches) layer of paint, film, or veneer finish is applied. Depending on the use and the type of wood selected, many of our panels can be used in Class A environments (IBC Chapter 8. Section 803). Most of our arboreal panels are also exempt from IBC Section 803.

Finishes: A wide variety of real wood veneer applied to a metal with most wood species available. Ceilings Plus explores unique finish selections at the request of the specifier. Radians collection includes Arboreal, Sarante, Metal and Painted models.

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