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ShapeShell FR at Docklands BeachBall | ShapeShell

  • Use

    Exterior cladding panels
  • Applications

    Residential, Urban, Cultural
  • Characteristics

    Strength, durability, span, easy maintenance, fire retardant, impact resistant
  • Presentation / packaging

    Variable Shapes
  • Guarantee

    A comprehensive warranty is provided for the full ShapeShellTM range. The substrate is guaranteed for 50 years and up to 25 years for the surface finish including gloss retention.

More about this product

'The Quays' is a mixed-use and apartment development in the NewQuay precinct of Melbournes Docklandsl which is central to Melbourne's major attractions including sports and entertainment venues, markets, theatres, galleries and shopping.


Between 'Harbour One' and 'The Quays' existed a high wind corridor, for which 'The Quays' architects, McBride Charles Ryan, designed a creative wind-stopper solution that should also serve as a gateway for pedestrian access to Marmion Way.

ShapeShell FR at Docklands BeachBall


This unique structure is the imaginative response to the practical challenge of a high wind corridor between two apartment buildings. This unique “windbreak” was constructed of ShapeShell FR (Fire Retardant) as it serves as an exit point for the apartments.

With its unique monocoque construction that eliminates the need for separate support structure, ShapeShell allows large spans not possible with more conventional panel cladding.

MouldCAM, ShapeShell's 3D CNC manufacturing business, has plants around the world that are capable of delivering millimetre accuracy across even the most organic shapes. A solution for both flat panels and the most complex of curves.

ShapeShell FR at Docklands BeachBall

ShapeShell has been tested in full scale façade burn tests to International BS:8414 and Australian Standard AS:5113 – 2016, and also complies to NCC Spec C1.1.0 - Group 1 through 3.

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